Compassionate Grounds Full Refund...What a Joke Jetstar!

I booked a return flight from Melb-Syd, I was due to depart on the 06.08.2010, unfortunately my Uncle passed away suddenly on the 03.08.2010, I rang Jetstar on the 04.08.2010 to advise them I wont be able to go to Sydney due to the death of my uncle, I was advised that they could give me a full refund and all I had to do was send through a certified copy of my uncles death certificate.

On the 25.08.2010 I faxed through my covering letter, death certificate and Jetstar Iteniary paperwork, on the 26.08.2010 I faxed through all the documents again three times, so in total Jetstar has received it 4 times. I rang on the 04.08.2010 with my initial enquiry, again on the 26.08.2010 to ask if they've received all my fax's, again on the 31.08.2010 & spoke to a staff member who promised me that someone will call me to resolve my issue and again on the 03.09.2010, I spoke to a Miyki who was so rude and abrupt and more or less told me that I wasnt entitled to a refund as my uncle is not classed as immediate family and that Jetstars Compassionate ruling is for IMMEDIATE family members only. Who the hell is Miyki to say that my uncle is not classed as immediate family, he is a father to me and someone who I hold very close to my heart.

The three other Jetstar staff members I spoke to did not say anything about me not being entitled to a full refund, what also gets me upset is that the tickets I purchased were also re-sold and I was told this by the three jetstar staff members that Ive been speaking with.

I am at the stage of waiting for someone to call me back as this issue has not been resolved, however I am sure I will have to call them back again sometime this week as they dont call back, I hope that someone from the Jetstar organisation goes through and reads all of these complaints that have been listed on this website, it is truly appalling the service received.

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I'm on the same boat. When I

I'm on the same boat. When I called, in which I was trying to move my flight FORWARD with Jetstar themselves from Fiji since I was very ill, they told me they only flew Monday, Wednesday, Friday (it was a Saturday). I had no option but to book a flight with Virgin to get back, but I did this only because the Jetstar representative told me I would receive a refund if I faxed a doctor's note explaining my illness. I did this, and a few weeks later instead I received a voucher. However, I was only staying in Australia for a limited time being from the U.S. I called them to explain the situation, and there was no "compassion" at all. Further, they said that my illness was not enough for a full refund, but only a voucher. The only way I could have received a full refund was if the doctor explained I could not travel for six months due to my illness, and since my note did not say that, the voucher won't be exchanged for cash.

1) How detailed and sneaky can their "policies" get? They subjectively interpret situations, as in your case and mine, and change the wording by one word every time which affects the whole outcome.
2) The supervisor I spoke to blindly kept reading the policy to me, even though I kept explaining the agent I spoke to did not inform me clearly of the voucher vs. refund. The supervisor only continued to defend the agent, saying they saw no reason why an agent would not tell me the full information. Oh thanks, that really helps somehow after everything already happened. Even worse is that they "could not access our conversation." So much for recording conversations for quality control, right?

Hi, did you get the refund in

Hi, did you get the refund in the end ? I am in the middle of applying for a refund as I am unable to fly due to pregnancy. The first time I called, I was told to fax cover letter stating that I want a refund and doctor's letter and call back 3-5 days for the outcome. I faxed my cover letter, doctor's certificate and itinerary and called back 5 days later. To my surprise, they said they received everything except my doctor's certificate. Furthermore, they indicated that there are only 2 options available, i.e vouchers or delay travelling date. I insist to get a refund, and they advised me to re-fax the doctor certificate again.
I re-faxed the whole thing and called them back. The first person i spoke to said that they are in Malaysia, and since I faxed it to Melbourne number, they are unable to check if they have received the fax. She asked me to call back 3-5 working days later. I was unhappy as I just want to make sure that they receive everything. When i asked to speak to her supervisor, she said there's no one and asked me to call back to the same number and speak to different agent.
This time, I rang the Melbourne number (instead of the 13 numbers). The lady who answered is called Sharon, and she's still in Malaysia. However, she said she can see from the system that she has received ALL of the fax !! She still offered me vouchers or delay date, but i told her i cannot travel due to the addition to the family.
She said unless there's a doctor's certificate (???) she cannot offer a refund. So i asked her to check and read the certificate. She put me on hold for a while before she said that the doctor did not indicate SPECIFICALLY that I am unable to travel for 6 months from the flight date. This is what my doctor wrote : "She is due in March, and hence she's unable to travel in February". Yet Sharon still insists that i have to have that "she is unable to travel for 6 months" in the letter.

I found this ridiculous, and I dont konw what else I can do to get a refund. I am in the middle to organise another letter from my obstetrician to specifically state the statement that Sharon wants to hear. However, I will not be surprised is another person from Malaysia picks up the phone when i call back and request for a different thing, or refuse to grant me a refund.

Please advise.

Me too! Me too! My partner's

Me too! Me too!
My partner's father passed away six days before we were due to travel. Countless attempts to fax the death certificate to four separate fax numbers has left me frustrated and unsure of what to do.

I left some details through their feedback form and received a call from their Customer Relations team today. All they can offer is a voucher which MUST be used within three months, for travel within twelve months.

The lack of compassion offered by nearly everyone I have spoken to astounds me. These are the only operators I have had issues with, and the only place that has requested proof via certificate. I don't know about anyone else but having to look at that document countless times is very difficult to do.

We are now in a position where it will be very difficult to travel within the next twelve months. This leaves us out of pocket by a large amount, and additionally disheartened during an already difficult time.

Kudos to whoever created this website.

Update: I stumbled across

Update: I stumbled across this snippet on the jetstar website:

"Jetstar showed great compassion and refunded not only my tickets but my four friends (allowing them to attend my mothers funeral)"

So I rang them back immediately! Before I managed to argue my point however, the consultant mentioned that I am eligible for a refund because it was the passing of an immediate family member. I'm amazed that they didn't realise this when they initially offered me the travel voucher - this is another disappointing slight on their behalf.

Now the waiting game begins, to see if and when the refund comes through....

I would not be wasting my

I would not be wasting my time, this company surely leads the world on bad customer service. I would rather flush any Jetstar tickets in the toilets than take the risk of giving them away

If Jetstar promise you

If Jetstar promise you something and then change their minds you can take them to your states small claims area and get your money back. Mistakes are to be paid for... by JESTSTAR and not you

Worst website and worst ap I

Worst website and worst ap I've ever seen in 35 years of programming and operating computers, can't transfer my voucher to my daughter.
Scared to fly with an airline this incompetent!
Even phone help which was difficult to access was also shocking.
I fear I've lost my money with these idiots.