My family (husband and two teenagers) and I recently went to Honolulu. We booked Economy but were able to upgrade to business for $300.00 each person each way - an extra $2400.00. Everything was lovely until the dinner service and the alcohol started flowing - especially to the passenger seated across the aisle from me. Her and her friend explained that they were Qantas Staff travelling on a $150.00 ticket - good for them I thought. That was until she was served so much alcohol from the Cabin Crew that she became out of control. When the lights dimmed this Qantas Staff member fell over ( my husband caught her and stopped her from hitting the floor), she kept hitting my arm and that of my daughter trying to engage in drunken conversation, she spat everywhere - all over the floor, on the seat in front and all over me ( luckily I had the complementary blanket to prevent it actually hitting me personally). Her friend was disgusted and tried to get her to stop. Her friend even went to the Cabin Crew in the Galley and tried to get her cut off - yet she still managed to get more drinks. She was paraletic. I complained to the Cabin Crew and the Cabin Service Manager. They spoke with her several times and even mentioned getting the Captain to put her in handcuffs if she got worse. It was a long and horrrendous flight. Instead of being rested on arrival to Honolulu my family and I were exhausted both physically and mentally. The Cabin Service manager assured us Jetstar would be looking after us, after paying $7200.00 for Business Class Flights - that sort of behaviour was unacceptable and we would be taken care of starting with a follow up phone call that evening - he even took my mobile so we could be contacted straight away. Needless to say we never heard from Jetstar. After 5 separate phone calls to the 131538 - I never made it further than Manilla - even though they assured me it was with the Escalation Department in Head Office in Melbourne. Finally after complaining to Qantas Customer Care I received a phone call from a Executive Analyst in Melbourne - 18 days after the actual flight, who sent me a very condescending email telling me all the things I should have done if I was unhappy with my service - she obviously didn't read what had actually taken place. Once again was assured an investigation would take place.
Received final email last night to say my feedback was important and had been sent off the the relevant department but due to "Privacy Laws" I cannot be told anything else. BUT as a gesture of "goodwill" please accept a $100.00 voucher each to be used on another Jetstar Flight (with conditions) needless to say I didn't bother reading the conditions as I was way to upset - this is such an insult.
I didn't pay $7200.00 to be spat on and hit by a Qantas Staff Member paying $150.00 for the privalege of being in Business Class.
I have since been told that if this had been a member of the public and not a QANTAS STAFF MEMBER Federal Marshalls would have met her at the terminal in Honolulu and escorted her from the plane due to her behaviour. There has been a MASSIVE COVER UP of this incident from the start.
Apparently no report was ever made of the drunk Qantas Staff Member from the Cabin Crew - because they know they did the wrong thing by giving her way to much alcohol. Apparently, NO report was ever made that once loyal Jetstar passengers having to endure such an horrendous experience and JETSTAR DOENS'T CARE.
Jetstar Customer Care - what a joke - is should be Jetstar Doesn't Care. Am disillusioned beyond belief - had more faith in people than this.

United States-Honolulu


Tell me you videoed some of

Tell me you videoed some of it???? I hope you did...