Credit card fee

$17 credit card fee on a $59 fare - outrageous. I tried to pay by bank transfer and guess what, my bank is not on the acceptable list of approved banks. I ended up booking the same flights through Webjet which cost almost as much but at least every 'extra' had to be ticked rather than unticked, a method that takes advantage of you making a mistake. $5.50 extra to book a standard seat (each way) and this is automatically done for you, it is not clear on the page how to cancel this either.

Australia-Melbourne - Avalon


Don't forget that if you have

Don't forget that if you have a voucher (which I did), when making a booking it asks for your payment details BEFORE you put in the voucher number, and in doing this, they then debit the FULL amount from your debit/credit card and NOT the true amount, minus the voucher value, then make the customer wait more than two weeks before they get their money back, IF EVER! They are as cunning as s**t house rats! Contacting customer service is useless - there is NO customer service and never has been!!!!!!!!!!!!!!