Crewing Cancellation

I am lodging at QCAT a claim for a cancellation of a flight 2 hours before boarding for lack of crew reasons. No alternative flights were provided and the lady in the Philippines was rude and didn't understand that Brisbane airport was close to the Gold Coast so she refused to allow a different airport to return us home even when I offered to pay to get to the alternative airport. Pretty sure she was reading straight off a cue card with staged answers. That bitch Jess was even less help.

I ended up paying Qantas $1400 to fly us home because as much as I love the Gold Coast I didn't want to stay there for the rest of the year waiting for Jetstar to find a pilot/hostess/bitchy Jess/ignition keys or whatever it was they needed to achieve a simple scheduled domestic flight.

The Jetstar real human management when you finally get to them said you should claim through insurance but I believe they knew at the time that insurance doesn't cover idiots that can't manage a company of that size to have 5 staff to crew a plane. Anyway I did go and lodge a claim with my insurance company and of course they said they don't pay when its simply caused by Jetstar management or should I say lack of competent management that didn't roster enough people on to fly the plane. I actually agree with the insurance companies, why should they pay when a company the size of Jetstar simply stuffs up and doesn't have enough staff, in my world if I stuff up I fix the stuff up, then pay...and then apologize profusely.

I now fly Qantas and love it, don't care how much it costs cause its not worth the penny's saved to deal with the trouble that Jetstar can cause. Alan Joyce needs to take some responsibility for that cluster#%$@# of an offspring that Qantas has created and make some good business decisions to clean it up as clearly I am not the only one experiencing this type of unconscionable treatment. I am sure if enough people make the effort to lodge a consumer court claim eventually the ACCC will investigate the disgraceful consumer guarantee breaches that are occurring every week with no regard to Australian's consumer rights.

PS Jess if you are reading this please call, would love to resolve any concerns you may have.

Australia-Gold Coast