Customer dissapointed with Jetstar so bad that he gets off the plane!

The other day I was flying from Auckland to Wellington when I had so many problems which meant that even though I was sitting on the plane, I asked if I could get off and did! Read about it on my blog:

The interesting thing was they Jetstar sent me a message on twitter saying that they were going to look into it and get back to me. 1 Week latter and I have not heard anything. Check out my follow-up article on my blog:

New Zealand-Auckland
New Zealand-Wellington


We arrived just within the

We arrived just within the time limit for our flight to Wellington but because their check in desk is at the other end of the airport you can't drive up to the door and get dropped off so my husband tried to check us in while I retrieved the bags and kids. We ran and arrived breathless and were told we were too late because the baggage hold was closed even though the check in process had begun. Another family had carry on luggage only and the flight had not even boarded. Were both told we should pay $175 to be moved to the next flight. In fact we needed to pay $100 more because we had seperate bookings. They made us move to the service desk to pay and line up behind other disgruntled customers despite four other employees standing around doing nothing. The staff member took an age to serve the customers ahead of us. When we asked if they could merge the bookings so the full payment could be done as one payment they refused. The manager lambasted us for asking her to step in and help us and for questioning their policies and lack of flexibility. The staff were arrogant and unfriendly even questioning why we had separate bookings. After 45 minutes of negotiation we agreed to pay only to be told the next flight was full even though they had said there was room. By this time both kids were crying and running wild. The unsympathetic manager turned around and said we should be supervising our children better! We stalked off to Hertz, rented a car and drove from Auckland to Wellington through the night. No more of our hard earned cash would line their pockets!