Customer Service and Good Faith is Non-Existent !!

Last week I booked two seats for my wife and I on Jetstar to Bali and, after all the add ons and extras paid $880 for the flights. Less than 12 hours later they announced a sale and the same seats on the same plane were almost $200 cheaper ! I wrote and complained and received a stock standard reply saying basically "tough luck" you agreed to the price. I have persevered and written 3 times acknowledging that I can't and don't want a refund of the diference but in the interest of good customer service if they could have upgraded my flights with the points package to make them better value I would have been happy. On each occasion they have sent the standard response letter and I'm rewally over it. It appears that Jetstar are happy to burn customers as their customer service and flexibility is totally non-existent. This is my first, and most definitely, my last flight with Jetstar. I wish I'd seen your site before booking as would never have bothered otherwise and gone Virgin.

Indonesia-Denpasar (Bali)




I tell you what - I'll throw

I tell you what - I'll throw so cheese and crackers to go with that 'whine' of yours. You were perfectly happy to book flights at a price - then they got cheaper. Tough luck.

I kinda agree with Peter.

I kinda agree with Peter. Unfortunately it is not their fault if you agree on the price and it changes.

I would have to agree that

I would have to agree that this is not really something you should be complaining about