Customer Service - No such Thing

We arrived at Ballina airport, with no staff at the Jetstar counter, and soon joined by another in the queue.
After waiting for a while, we decided to try the kiosk. Our wait had taken us inside the 30 minute arbitrary cut-off time. Proceeded through security to try and locate Jetstar staff. Made contact before the flight was even called, to be told the flight was closed and we would not be permitted to board. Questioned the manager the basis of the decision, to be advised it was at the discretion of the manager. Charged a $100 transfer fee to a flight from Coolangatta. Rented a car for the 1 hour drive. Europcar lady was very helpful. Such a refreshing contrast.

Australia-Ballina Byron


Wow that's not fair! Full out

Wow that's not fair! Full out the online customer form and trust me they will get back to you!