deathjetstar discriminates on passenger with FAA approved medical device broke it & passenger nearly lost his life from it.

i shall make it short. Jetstar enough discriminating customers who require essential FAA approved medical equipment that under all aircraft guidelines meets the requirements the medical device can be brought on as carry on luggage as on your own website and that of Qantas.

You nor your grown crew, cabin crew let alone pilot have any fundamental rights to conduct themselves the way they did and continue to do so with others who suffer any type of medical condition or disability , your crew have no rights to threaten passengers who not only know there rights on FAA approved medical devices but also 30 days prior had confirmation by jetstar the device is cleared under all requirements with airlines worldwide and Australia wide as safe to be brought as carry on as these devices if stored under aircraft will damage the device as to temperature conditions. However your crew instead treated these passengers as criminal and made them look like terrorists as you made several claims for all passengers to hear that the passenger had brought dangerous goods on board without filling in necessary documents, seems your staff are far from professionally trained as desthjetstar make out to be as the device is not a dangerous good nor does it require any such documents to be filled out. Your pilot and cabin crew customer service manager read the correspondence passengers gave you to read as they kept chat with your very own customer service and also provided you the link that would show your so called professionally trained staff which is far from the truth - that if they took 5 minutes to view there own guidelines then the passengers medical device as its FAA approved is allowed on board as carry on and if required to need to use then this is also allowed under deathjetstar and Qantas very own guidelines for medical devices. Further more for your pilot to state the ground crew want to throw them off the flight unless they agree to the conditions if deathjetstar are not allowed to place item under with luggage then they will be thrown off the aircraft in doing so you traumatized there 4 year old son and the passengers, nor did you even consider when they made it aware to your staff they even had letter from there Doctor. Oh no your crew think there shit does not stink and there the sheriffs of the sky. Well deathjetstar you have broken every FAA regulation when it came to this and you will be held accountable for 1 damaging the device which cost the passenger a Holiday that could not be enjoyed as there device was only producing 30 - 35 % of oxygen required by night only, this made the passenger gravely ill which they required to attend a private hospital as not only there blood oxygen gases had dropped but brought on other issues like dehydration of organs & skin including starving his brain of the oxygen required by night causing headaches dizziness and many other issues like blood infection due to low O2 and more serious blood clot and shortness off breath to which still now suffers to date.

I will be assisting in all legal action that will be brought onto deathjetstar as this is not a 1st but hoping it will be the last your pathetic crew members who are illiterate people where a 2 year old has more sense than all your staff placed together including your management who are insulting to all there customers and to the Australian public who no longer have faith in your airline.

i will also assist in a current affair running this story on how your airline nearly cost the passenger his life however you showed no concerns instead stating you will be conducting an internal investigation which should of began the minute the passengers partner spoke with your customer service team who were mind you dumbfounded why your Melbourne airport crew did as they done.

What is the major take down of deathjetstar is that upon departing Bali the members who conducted themselves with such professionalism members who's English is not the best yet viewed the correspondence the passengers had from your customer service, then view the battery which fell under the 101.7WH and to clarify made a call to Qantas management who informed them that the now broken device is allowed as carry on as it is FAA approved and if your Melbourne staff bothered to look at your very own policy would see this was the case.

I will post the response from deathjetstar below who seem to want to play dumb as passengers are seeking not only the cost of the medical device for deathjetstar to replace and deliver item, but all there losses as been held up in a hotel room where they could not enjoy or do as planned was caused by deathjetstar crew members, nor could they head out and buy there little boy a Christmas gift from the malls in Bali as they planned and stole Christmas away from an innocent child. I also am placing along with 7 other partners JetStar airlines Australia on official notice this is now and will become a legal matter since you wish to play the silence game as you are well aware the passenger is still currently ill from these events and medically everything is been carried out so they can be the way they where prior to jetting off and that was very fit to fly as there sleep apnea was under control and has been for past 10 years only requiring oxygen as they are nocturnal where now require it 24/7 since your ground crew cabin customer service manager and pilot pulled this discriminating stunt. You may laugh now but you will not be laughing in the court room let alone human rights divisions once they place a date on there meeting, however will be seeing you in court before that takes place as you have been made aware the passenger would like to walk his son into his 1st day of school but seems you scout at this whilst trying to cover up your crew with a so called internal investigation. Only internal you will hold is pilot or crew inside you. response e mail below for all to read, and for record customers are on pension who saved 16 months for this holiday that took deathjetstar to ruin the day of departure 12/12/2019. deathjetstar have been made aware yet even if they had the funds to replace i have seen this before with others they do not pay up as there a scam.

Thank you for your email.

Your case has now been escalated to me in the Jetstar Head Office due to the nature of your concerns and I am grateful for the opportunity to assist in resolving this matter.

I am very concerned to learn of your recent experience with Jetstar and understand this is a difficult time for your family.

I’ve taken the time to review your correspondence and would firstly like to confirm that Jetstar would like to assist in reimbursing the cost of replacing your husband’s Portable Oxygen Concentrator as a gesture of goodwill and acknowledge the quote you have provided from NGK Spark Plug for replacement totalling $5212 AUD.

To arrange reimbursement of this cost, Jetstar requires supporting documentation confirming the purchase of the new machine. This can either be a receipt or invoice and you can provide this via return email.

Should you wish to make a claim for further items, I will be happy to review your claim and I kindly ask that you itemize them with description and cost in the table provided below and provide any supporting documentation via return email:



Please note any additional claims will be assessed by myself and our Head Office team and we cannot guarantee any particular outcome at this stage.

With regard to your additional comments regarding the service provided to you by Jetstar staff members in Melbourne and your overall experience, please be assured I am currently investigating these concerns internally and will provide you with a full response as soon as I am able to.

Yours sincerely,


Senior Customer Advocacy Analyst

Above a senior customer advocacy Anal - yst yet only provides 1st name no other contact details 1 who works in head office. You may find all there details on certain websites i mean all there personal ones as well.

others that require to contact deathjetstar can so on

My belief is if all ban together we can eradicate discrimination let alone nasty poor customer service from this airline who are penny pinches plus discriminate not only on this passenger but 100's of others, best way to have these idiots grounded retrained is to all boycott this airline, as the next person could be 1 of your own family members or friends this is carried out
on. feel free to send us a msg as we will be representing this passenger as jetstar came extremely close to killing them if not for medical intervention in Bali . Pay the extra 50 to 100 dollars and receive better service without constant issues as this airline is like dumb & dumber.

Australia-Melbourne - Tullamarine
Indonesia-Denpasar (Bali)


feel free to send me a msg i

feel free to make contact where we can assist all those with mobility issues or medical needs where deathjetstar have discriminated upon them. It is the last straw for them as we will not stand to watch a so called Australian airline take others right to there needs.

Death STAR paid for

Death STAR paid for replacement poc they state out of goodwill, however they state they are not responsible we could not enjoy our trip as we were stuck in hotel room , also claim there not refunding flights or medicals, well new for them as we lodged this for the courts now and once the sitting judge sees what they did let alone discriminate against a person with medical needs and death star were aware of this machine coming on board as we have correspondence 30 days prior leaving. Just got of the phone to someone very high up in civil aviation Australia and stated what we are doing is the best way to put a screw in them, more so deathstar advised us in an official email they will investigate and come back to us with the findings and why it took place, yesterday 3 1/2 weeks later only as we called was told they have 7 days to complete and come back to you with findings, 2 hours later Maddison returns an email which contained nothing but crap sorry this and that however not a single response of why deathstar did what they did to us, just shows you the cover ups and lies Death Star carry out on there customers, we say f..k death star and Qantas there both shit airlines. i am positive they will not like the press on 2 x 120 x 300 billboards my partners cousin is putting up on his land that runs along both fws to Tulla and Avalon about death star, its called freedom of expression and speech in Australia and there is nothing they can say or do about it, however it will be bad publicity for a bunch of c...ts they are that haven't a decent bone in there body. No one has any rights to threaten another person yet our own airline industry allows airline crew to do as they please, so there saying they have rights to abuse a child mentally as they did to our 4 year old with the threats they made, shows me laws in Australia are fucked up, same goes for pilot who made the threat as his responsible and in charge of any decisions, yet tried making out the ground crew are in charge. Soon it will all come out in the wash as my partner has all the crew involved details, bad karma can be a bitch they saying is. Anyone wishing to join a class action feel free to send us an inquiry as this is now going ahead as my partner does not want to see anyone fall foul of deathstar or Qantas again and will hold them accountable, he is doing this cause deathstar damaged his health so much he can no longer fly in distant future nor can he walk since all this without oxygen where he only required oxygen when sleeping, so deathstar claiming we payed for it out of goodwill is a joke as the machine is on there list that can brought on as carry on free of charge and is not a dangerous good as they made out. no more holding back there finished as the judge will read head specialists reports and place a few nails in deathstar coffin now. rather fly virgin or millindo