Delay upon landing 3 hours... no water

So just over a 2 hour regular flight from Melbourne to Brsibane... opps we have landed in a storm thunder and lightning and we sat on the tarmac for another 3 hours with a noisy brat behind us... do you think the cabin crew even offered us water? NO!!!!!! Shame on you Crapjet... i mean Jetstar. I've put a video on YouTube.

I'm flying with them again in two weeks to Darwin, they charged me $3 for a window seat... WTF????? I'm flying back with Virgin, they are cheaper.

Australia-Melbourne - Tullamarine


three dollars to sit next to

three dollars to sit next to a window! outrageous! link me the youtube vid.

They did not charge you $3

They did not charge you $3 for a window seat. They charged you $3 to select a seat. The same as Tiger Airways who charge $8 dollars.

Yes, if you have a Jetsaver

Yes, if you have a Jetsaver Light you will be charged a $3 seat fee if you choose to assign a seat. If you're not one of those annoying picky people and can wait until checking in at the airport, no seat fee is charged. If you have any other fare other than a Jetsaver Light, you won't be charged the seat fee.

Oh, and its really quite

Oh, and its really quite simple. Don't fly a budget airline if you expect freebies. People just enjoy complaining and expect everything for nothing

wow, these 2 anonoymous above

wow, these 2 anonoymous above me ^^^^ r full of shit! they try 2 stick up for ratstar every time someone posts a lejitimate complaint. truly pathetic, i think. and u cunts gotta no something, 4 people on my facebook joined this since i told them, so i make da word go around so ratstars bizness go down!

The Anonymous comments are

The Anonymous comments are from Jet Hit staff who dont have the ability to get a better job

Actually I'm an ex staff

Actually I'm an ex staff member, but I still think you're all full of rubbish :) My point was valid - don't expect freebies from a budget airline ie. don't pay peanuts and expect full service. And the seat fee was an explanation to her complaint about $3 to sit on a window. Would you prefer to pay Tigers $8?

And Sharon, I have more ability than you I'm sure.

hahah anonymous ^^^ u think u

hahah anonymous ^^^ u think u got abilitys? then y did u work 4 jetstar! u aint got no abilitys! the only ability u got is to flip bergers at hungry jacks or maccas! shouldnt charge peeps for sittin next to a window that is just a human right to sit next to a window! crims!

Remmy you're are the dumbest

Remmy you're are the dumbest excuse for a human being I've come across. As already mentioned, it was a $3 fee to choose a seat (window or any other seat) because she selected a carry on baggage only fare. Had she selected any other fare type, there would be no seat fee. Welcome to the world of budget air travel.
With such poor written communication skills I'm not even going to waste my keystrokes responding to your "bergers" comment. I worked for Jetstar because it was an entry point into an industry I'm passionate about. I don't for one minute think they are perfect, but I don't think they are as bad as some of the people on this site make them out to be. Customers don't read and understand the terms and conditions, and then complain about it.

uhuhuhuhhuhuh! u call me a

uhuhuhuhhuhuh! u call me a dumbest excuse 4 a humanbeing, but u use to work 4 jetstar! u even said u were passionite about jetstar! so r da excuse for a human! u dont waste time on my bergers comment coz u no im write!

You should learn to read as

You should learn to read as well as how to spell. It is getting more and more difficult to make sense of the rubbish you write. If you had any intelligence at all you would see that I wrote that it is an industry I am passionate about and enjoy being involved in. I never said I was passionate about Jetstar or any specific airline. Somehow I get the impression I am conversing with a primary school/early high school student... Now off you go - go read a book and learn correct spelling/sentence structure.