didn t let us board

We are 2 girls backpaker, traveling around the world since 6 months now, and this is the first time this is hapening to us..Yesterday as we were checking in they didn t let us board because we didnt have a reurn ticket ( or a proove that we ll live thailande in the next 30 days)...We want to travel , as many backpackers, thailand then Laos, cambodge, vietnam by bus or train or boat but not by plane. so because of that we didnt board, pay another $110 for our tomorrow fly, cancel our hotel reservation, return ticket to sydney train station...here another $250 in our little budget just for that...Of course there is no way to book a bus or trin ticket in thailand via internet, ( we tried that until the check in gate got closed)... so we did buy a one way ticket thru airasia at $50 that we wont use.this is so rediculous..I bet 100% that arriving in Phucket they wont even ask us about a outgoing ticket anyway;;This is SCRAM; i wont fly w jetstar ever again and they will have a bad feedback in the french travel guide we are working for. Virginie and Isabelle



Different countries have

Different countries have different requirements, and you are usually always required to show proof of onwards travel. The airline is not obligated to accept you for travel if there is a high chance they are going to be ordered to fly you back to your origin if denied entry into Thailand. Hate to tell you but this is a standard practice, not limited to Jetstar.

I thought that would only

I thought that would only happens when ppl wanna come in Australia.... Sigh..

Conditions of Travel 3.1

Conditions of Travel
3.1 Preparing to travel

You alone are responsible for making all necessary arrangements for your travel and ensuring that you comply with all laws, regulations and orders of the places you will travel to. For example, you will need to find out from relevant embassies or consulates whether you need a passport, visa or other travel document, health document or evidence of onward travel or accommodation.

im sick of this.. NEXT TIME

im sick of this.. NEXT TIME dont go for a JET SAVER LIGHT TICKET u foolish young sweet heart.. aint you. seriously ;LIGHT will bounce you stuck with no getting out of it. Thats why LIGHT will not let you change things. Next time spend the second option the LIGHT will be more for the cheap ends meat people who are cheap.

LOL, jessicastaff, u dumb

LOL, jessicastaff, u dumb bitch! da point is jetstar did not acomodate them and take in to account their situation. aka, vis a vis = BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE!! everyone needs 2 report their shit services to as many peeps as they can! take any other air line eccept jetstar! my frnd was gonna fly wit jetstar, but i told him and her not 2, now they fly wit virgin! good choice!

@ Dana - First off - I think

@ Dana - First off - I think these girls AREN'T Australians- if so surely they arrived in australia without an outward ticket.. Secondly - I have flown to Thailand with a single ticket many times and have never been prevented from boarding. Any Customs official would look at a passport and see multiple entries in various countries and work out that they're not coming from Australia to become $30 hookers. Usually travellers being able to show that they have sufficient funds to buy a ticket are accepted. I've seen this be the case in Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore - I live in Vietnam, travel to those countries regularly and have seen this at immigration processing numerous times. Jetstar are taking this course of action for profit reasons in the guise of adhering to travel regulations. In any case - once again this is another great day for Australian tourism.. and the ailing Australian tourism industry..

@ JessicaStaff - Jetsaver light is a legitimate Jetstar product. Are you saying that Jetstar REGULARLY bounce customers who BUY THIS PRODUCT?

@Virginie - as an Australian I am very sorry for what has happened- next time fly another airline. Personally I find Air Asia to be everything that Jetstar isn't.

@ Lima - French girls

@ Lima - French girls travelling to Thailand.. rejected because they don't have an outbound ticket = NEVER HAPPEN

@Phil - you're a legend. Want

@Phil - you're a legend. Want to write an article together? LOL
Round and round they go, these pathetic Jet Star employees, never once providing legitimate / logical explanations as to how their company has fucked-up customers.
What a joke.

Urban Dictionary:

Urban Dictionary: Corporate Tool
- Someone who works for THE MAN.
- A cog in the corporate machine.
- Someone whose net worth is slightly above that of office machine.
- An employee known more readily to the corporate decision-makers by his or her employee number rather than by name.
- Someone whose job task involves suppressing any creative or thoughtful contribution and merely inputting the data required by THE MAN and outputting the results they expect.

Anyone else notice how things

Anyone else notice how things have got quiet on this complaint? Seems like Lima, Danna and Jessica staff are quite willing to give gratuitous advice to French girls travelling and visiting Australia. Maybe Lima, Danna and Jessica staff might be so kind to give the girls advice in French language?? After all these travellers are obviously ESL travellers.. The truth is that these three are ignorant reciters of the chapters and verse of the Jetstar manual, and show no consideration to foreign travellers visiting Australia.

What a waste of millions of tax payers dollars invested in Australian tourism advertising campaigns and visitations by Oprah.. only to screw travellers for a few bucks over some T&C's. As an Australian it makes me ashamed.. anyone else feel that way? Lima? Danna? Jessicastaff?

Phil, honestly, get a life

Phil, honestly, get a life mate. Nothing more to bed said.

Oh, and last week a friend of mine traveling in Asia got denied entrance into the destination country for not having proof of return travel. Enough said.

I have a life Danna. I feel

I have a life Danna. I feel sorry for your friend.. I'd be much happier if that happened to you as then you could read the T&C's to yourself.

Yes, your life consists of

Yes, your life consists of spending hours per day on this site and skimming through newspaper websites for Jetstar articles so you can be the hero and post them on here. Read a book, go for a walk, de-stress at the gym... devote your time to something useful.

Oh and that was a very humorous remark you made, in fact I'm still in stitches... but at least you got it through your head now that it does happen in many countries. I'm positive Jetstar is not the only airline to refuse to carry people in this circumstance.

Can we call it quits now, I've had enough of you.

You think you know me... but

You think you know me... but you know nothing. I read newspapers and it doesn't take hours to read this site.

Refused boarding? It happens to people with non-western passports, or people of asian origin travelling on western passports.. my wife is one of them.. I've never seen it happen to anyone (white) with an Australian, British, American or European passport. They question my wife who travels on a Vietnamese passport but never myself on an Australian one- yet another despicable practice (not exclusive to Jetstar) but there you have it. Despite it happening my wife has never been refused boarding - unlike these French girls.



@ Danna - not sure if you're

@ Danna - not sure if you're interested but here's another related story. I know a guy who owns two relatively famous restaurants in Hoi An, Vietnam. His restaurants are always getting good reviews in American and Australian newspapers. He featured an a recent Luke Nguyen's cooking show (apparently - I don't watch personally). He's cooked for Mick Jagger when he visited Vietnam, also Danny DeVito and his wife. A few years ago he mentioned the trouble he'd had boarding a flight to Spain from Frankfurt (as I recall) - this person is a handsome, flamboyant looking asian man with long hair. The airline staff questioned him at check-in, wanting to see proof that he had funds for a trip. That wouldn't be so bad but the staff also stopped him at the boarding gate and went through the whole procedure again. It wouldn't be so bad if these were immigration staff, but actually they were airline staff. It seems he was targeted simply for the reason he was Asian, flying from Vietnam to Spain via Frankfurt, and perhaps partly because he had long hair and flamboyant fashion sense. He was travelling on a US passport. He's got character so he politely complied with the staff's requests. The truth of the matter is that he's an extremely successful businessman and restauranteur, not a drug dealer, and he would earn on a bad day more money from his restaurants business than those airline staff would earn in a week, or perhaps a month.

As a caucasian travelling on an Australian passport, I've never been questioned so.. yet my Vietnamese wife has, and this Vietnamese - American friend has.. The world isn't what we think it is..