Direct Flight From Sydney to Phuket Cancelled

We had booked flight with JetStar JQ 27 3.10 pm on 30/April/2019 many months before so that we could fly directly to Phuket from Sydney. Guess what, it was cancelled at 2am in the morning on the flight date due to "Engineering Requirements" . Woke up to receive the terrible message. Tours and hotels were booked for the trip. I got sweat dripping down from my face, stomach was boiling with anger.

I will not fly with Jet Star again, its just not worth the saving. In the end I would lose1 day, lose the tour, and the money paid to hotel in Phuket for that date. Also We would arrive to phuket extreemly tired because we will have to change flights at darwin (stay over nite in the aiport) and singapore. I am now praying that the 19 hours flight (8.30pm same day) via Darwin and Singapore won't be cancelled.



the connecting Jet Star

the connecting Jet Star flight from SIN to HKT was 2 hours late the next day!

I had JQ 27 cancelled on a

I had JQ 27 cancelled on a different day. I put in a complaint with the department of fair trading claiming that a the fare was no longer the same value as the original price because I choose it because it was a direct flight. Basically a very long flight is not the same value as the short one.

Please do the same if you have time:

I had a look at the fair trading stats and there are not a lot of people doing this.

Here is an extract:

"The complaint is in regard to a flight being changed and substituted for one of less value. I specifically purchased the Jetstar product because it was a direct flight.

"In terms of consumer law I wish to invoke the following requirement ** ( )

"For a major problem with services you can cancel the contract and obtain a refund or **seek compensation for the drop in value** of your services provided compared to the price paid."

The 'drop in value' of the services is due to a non-stop flight being replaced with a single stop flight (9:20 hours) with a significant layover (16:45). There was also a significant amount of inconvenience caused by the rescheduling of the flight from the early afternoon to early morning.


Got an offer for $150.00 back

Got an offer for $150.00 back - not sure what to do with that but at least they admit they owe me something,