disgusting customer service

I am writing this to advise, on the poor digusting customer service I encountered at Auckland Airport from the Jetstar staff.

I checked in at Auckland airport on Monday 14th June 2010 at 4.00am for flight JQ 238 to the Gold Coast, with my cousin

Josephine Koni whom was my travel companion. As disabled travellers with cardiac problems we requested assitance, and were

told by Jetstar staff to re-present ourselves at the checkin counter at 5.00am which we did. When we presented ourselves

we were told that there was only one wheelchair available, so one of us had to wait for a short while, whilst the jetstar staff

sorted out the wheelchairs.

I did object to this as we did not want to be separated, as my cousins understanding of english is minimal, but we were assured

and told it would only be for five minutes. My cousin Josephine was taken through to the departure lounge whilst I had to wait

for the second wheelchair.

Half an hour later to my disgust, a jetstar female staff member presented herself and started to rudely abuse me, verbally accusing

me of not being in that same place as was expected of me, for transfer to the departure lounge. I took offence to this as I had not

left that spot since they had taken my cousin Josephine through to the departure lounge, also I had my brother with me to confirm this

as we had waited a very long time and to be accused of not being there was humiliating.

To add more insult to my humiliation your female staff member rudely told me to wait and disappeared and did not return, so I had

to wait another ten or more minutes. Finally a Jetstar staff member made himself available to transfer me to the plane.

On arrival to the departure lounge my cousin Josephine was upset as she did not know what had happened to me, lastly the slight delay of

the JQ flight to the Gold coast was the result of poor customer service from your staff members inadequacy, to transfer me through

to the departure lounge on time.

As a well travelled person I have never encountered such appalling and disgusting cutomer service as we recieved with your airline.

For diabled elderly customers, our experience with your airline has left nothing but disgust , furthermore I will endeavour to advertise

to anyone I know of the poor,poor, service your airline offers to customers and I will certainly advise people not to travel

your airline as clearly we will never ever travel your airline again.

Budget airline, offering appalling below standard, budget service

Shame on you Jetstar!!

Gwen Finlay

New Zealand-Auckland
Australia-Gold Coast


what happened to customer

what happened to customer service where the customer is kept happy? It feels like Jestar are letting you the customer think that
they are the ones doing you a favour by being rude,and abusive.. I say.. spend a few dollars more for comfort and service from any other reputable airline. Its quite clear that Jetstars budget airline does not work for many, especially if your elderly or disabled.

It seems Jetstar have a habit

It seems Jetstar have a habit of doing things like this
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