Disgusting, impolite staff!

I am 7.5 months pregnant boarding a plane to go home from Hobart-Sydney.. when I’m pulled aside and told to “put your bag on the scale” no explanation or even a hello.

I had no idea what was happening or why I was pulled out of the boarding line. Upon weighing my bag (hard cover cabin case) I am shocked to be told I’m over the 7kg limit. She then told me I have to add my tiny backpack/handbag (smaller than my forearm) to the total weight... why? This bag doesn’t go in the overhead. Together I am now sitting 2.5kg over the limit and the girl is already trying to tag my bag and tell me I owe $60.

Upon trying to work out why this was happening, the staff were extremely unhelpful, dismissive and rude. They proceeded to tell me it was random checking whilst people just walked past me and boarded with larger carry on bags than mine. They said that if a bag falls from the overhead it’s a liability - so why let 100 other people on with bigger bags? My overhead bag was 8.1kg.

My partner walked over to see what was happening and she made him weigh his bag. He was okay. There was no option provided to us to reshuffle our bags, she didn’t even care that I told her I had a water bottle in my bag.

The staff and manager were extremely dismissive, not empathetic, under trained and impolite. After I agreed to pay and had my card ready to tap.. We caught the manager pulling a face and my partner said no need for the “stupid” faces. Well guess what, WE WERE DENIED BOARDING!!!! Escorted away by security, no opportunity to explain or reason, NOTHING!

Absolutely no compassion for a pregnant woman standing there begging to pay and crying. Complete disregard and no human decency.

Then she proceeded to call the police! 7 police officers arrived and didn’t even want to deal with the situation as it was so insignificant. The lady proceeded to also come over and tell me that she had banned us from flying with the Qantas group for 24hours after I had told her I need to get home today.

$550 later a new ticket had to be purchased with Virgin ... and we are now NEVER flying CrapStar again. All of this over 1.1kg

Virgin looked at my bag and had no issue with it whatsoever. The lady said that unless it appears to look big and heavy they don’t usually check carry on. Now that’s a normal carrier.

What a disgusting way to treat people. Screw you Jetstar.



Very disrespectful and rude

Very disrespectful and rude customer service

I was only a few grams above the KG limit and they wouldn't let go of it. I am very disappointed and would not wanna fly with Jet star anymore. she was a very rude young women. I have even thrown my clothes away and she wouldn't let me pass through.
I definetly wouldnt recommend this airline.
The food on board is poor, the service isnt good. leg rest on aircraft is to tight. NOT RECOMMENDED AIRLINE!