Does anyone have a problem with their call centre?

I spoke to two call centre representatives via the 0800 number last week. I have to say, with honesty, they have the lousiest CSRs ever. They were cynical, lacked manners, unapologetic. Overall, horrible customer service! How do I complain with a vengeance without going through their crappy 0800 number or website?

New Zealand-Auckland
Malaysia-Kuala Lumpur


Maybe write Oprah a letter...

Maybe write Oprah a letter... Otherwise use the website feedback form.

Seriously Dana are you trying

Seriously Dana are you trying to help Jetstar look like a bunch of twats on purpose? Is this some secret ploy to derail them?

Because as a Jetstop employee (farm hand), you are doing a great job of showing Jetstops true staff philosophy of rudeness, ingnorance and arrogance..

You just dont get it do you ? Cause it clearly shows, feed that back to who ever is putting pennies in your bucket.

To the OP.Once you have determined you have a legitimate complaint by checking your booking terms etc.

Your options are : Use the personal emails listed on the other pages on this forum
: send your mail to these people registered post, they have to get someone within the office to sign for it.
:, send copies to your local Federal for Transport, Sydney Morning Herald, Office of Fair Trading.

Claim your complaint agianst their Customer Charter and request they pay accordingly if the complaint is within these guidelines.

Dana go polish a plane or something.

I was an employee at the call

I was an employee at the call centre company called Salmat, who had the Jetstar contract, Jetstar made a decision to shift there call centre to another company, who btw are in asia.
When i was working for them, i actually apologised to the caller, and meant it, provided a meaningful solution myself or got the supervisor on, it would actually get resolved then and there without going to Customer Relations, who dont do shit.

Jestar dont care about the service provided at the end of the day. in the end you giving them money, possibly without reading the FARE RULES, and if you even get a call back from CR, all you will get is a measly $25-$50 voucher to use in the next 6 months.