Don't fly Jetstar

Mr Joyce has a lot to answer for and if he was running any other company he would be sacked.
How can they say they have customer service? I have flown Jetstar both domestic and International as Qantas flights are removed from the routes I travel. Flights are cancelled or always delayed.
You are treated very poorly when they cancel a flight you can expect a night at a back packers if your lucky!
When you complain it takes 15 days to respond! Then if you ask a question expect another 15 days. And if your lucky and do get a refund your going to have to follow that up and it takes more than 45 days to pay in fact we are still waiting following a trip in October.
I flew home last night from Syndey and guess what Delayed! My husband flys home tonight and guess what he is delayed. You wouldn't mind delays if they showed some level of care but they don't.
And if your a Gold frequent flyer with Qantas it means nothing! Your loyalty to the airlines run by Mr Joyce means nothing at all.
Ruined holidays
Late business trips
Qantas flights taken off routes so he can make people fly Cheap Star!
You deserve more even on a discount airline.
If you have a choice fly with another airline as Jetstar and Mr Joyce don't care
Merry Lateness Jetstar
And Happy lack of customer care to you too



Well, the trick is then not

Well, the trick is then not to use jetstar (qantas on the cheap) or Qantas.
Until we damage the image of the main brand (Qantas) Jetstar will continue to treat us all poorly. TJ.

Alan Joyce doesn't run

Alan Joyce doesn't run Jetstar*