excess baggage fee. $$$$.

What a rort this is - my carry on baggage was already weighed & tagged from a connecting flight, then when waiting at the cairns airport for our connecting flight, just prior to boarding I was told my carry on needs to be weighed, even though it already was tagged as been weighed. I explained to the male Jetstar employee it has already been done, as you could clearly seen it's been done & tagged. I feel I was targeted as I was a young girl travelling with another friend. I had just put my jumper & ski boots in my carry on, which has now taken it over, I said I will put them back on and I was told it was too late, my girlfriends bag was underweight , but he said I don't care whose bag gets checked in. (Therefore she would of paid excess baggage even though her carry on is under weight) this now doesn't sound like a weight issue it's now about him making his commission. Therefore I had to pay excess luggage for carry on ($60). WHAT A RORT. After telling my travel agent she told me the staff are on commission, and they aren't aloud to weigh your check on again after it's been tagged.. come on Jetstar this is unfair!!
Hopefully you will read this complaint and refund my out pocket expense.
Signed: Unhappy customer Won't fly Jetstar again.

Australia-Gold Coast


Kylie: I've been down the

Kylie: I've been down the complaint path and suggest that a refund is extremely unlikely. I suggest you contact the Jetstar and Qantas CEO's directly. Here are their email addresses: alanjoyce@qantas.com.au gareth.evans@jetstar.com . Good luck!


we are joining a cruise ship

we are joining a cruise ship in japan later this year, and are presently searching for the best price for a one way flight from sydney to Tokyo, the jet star prices look good, however we are worried about the reputation jet star has for delays /cancellations etc, for when we last flew with them some years back we were delayed on both our out ward and return legs, question, has the service improved?(according to the airline it has)or do we fly a day or two earlier, and thus negate the price advantage, any comments would be appreciated

I will never fly Jetstar ever

I will never fly Jetstar ever again ... and would think twice before I booked their corporate masters: Qantas. If you do fly with them (Jetstar) make sure you over-estimate your baggage weight and pay for your baggage when you book your ticket. Also make sure your carry-on is light and well below their max weight. Otherwise the Jetstar baggage police will nail you to the cross with extremely excessive fees. Flier beware!

Oh, and sneak in your own

Oh, and sneak in your own water and food. We didn't book a meal, and didn't get a sniff of water over our 10 hour flight from Sydney to Hawaii. Be prepared to be "invisible" if you don't book their meal service. The guy beside us (who also hadn't booked a meal) asked for some water and was advised that "water was available in the back of the plane". We weren't sure if that was from the toilet or the galley, but it certainly wasn't provided by the flight attendants.

It's better, however, to just Don't Fly Jetstar (or Qantas).