False Web Check In availability

Prior to and when booking Jetstar, it stated that web check in was available for international flights 48 hours prior to departure and also when making the booking, it specially said that if I wanted to check in online, I had to enter my passport details.

So 48 hours prior to my flight, guess what!! check in service is unavailable for my international flight. I contacted customer service (well really should be called something else I think), and after speaking to some clueless person, they started telling me that I couldn't check in for my RETURN flight as it's not 48 hours! Hello! I am trying to check into my OUTBOUND flight which is 48 hours away! Then he proceeded with 'please check in at the airport. Is that is for today'.

So I finally manage to speak to some supervisor online and after going around in circles again, she tells me that 'apparently' they have some policy that is only advertised INTERNALLY (or you have to request for full details via their feedback site), that if you have some multi sector flights which include an international leg, the web online check in service is not available. But at no point does Jetstar's site state this! Awesome! She says she will put in a feedback internally to get it added! Wow, real useful to me now that I am flying out in 48 hours time!

And yes I have submitted a complaint to ACCC. Definitely the first and last time I want to fly on Jetstar.

Japan-Osaka (Kansai International)


Why don't you just check in

Why don't you just check in at the airport?. Big deal over nothing. I'm sure the ACCC will drop everything and start an urgent investigation immediately. Boy - people will winge and whine about anything.