Fee for a simple name change is RIDICULOUS!

I booked a trip to Thailand with a friend & I can no longer go because of work commitments. I was originally told that a name change would cost me a fee of $90. Nobody mentioned anything about having to pay the fare difference. Now I'm being told that to change the name on the flight it will cost $1100!!!! Why don't they inform people of these fees BEFORE they book the flights? The trip is next week, how do they expect anybody to be able to fork out an extra $1100? Seriously? I CAN'T go on the trip, what do they expect me to do? Jetstar are the WORST. DO NOT bother to fly with them.



Did you try other operator?

Did you try other operator? Call back and speak to other operators. They may give you different price. Weird huh?
When my brother wasn't able to fly, we did the name change to a friend. Initially they said something like $1000 incl. fare differences but when we called back and spoke to a different operator she said it would be $500. Weird. But it DOES depend on the flight schedule. We change the flight schedule to unpopular one so that might be it. They indicate various fees incl. for the change of name on their website. They do also indicate fare differences there too I believe.

They've told me the fare

They've told me the fare difference changes everyday **based on availability**. Since I already have a seat booked, the availability issue doesn't seem right to me

They mean availability of

They mean availability of each fare. On any given flight you can pay at least 5 different prices for the same ticket, depending on when you purchase. Obviously the cheapest ones book out earliest.

And they do mention the fare difference in the terms and conditions.... in tiny, illegible print that they don't expect you to read until it's too late. It's nasty, but it's a legal way for them to avoid blame.