Flight Cancellation Due to Corona Virus


Australia-Gold Coast


Due to the Level 3 issued by

Due to the Level 3 issued by Australian Government on travel to many places, my son and I tried to cancel our flights to Japan last friday expecting we would be offered a change of flight at no extra cost, to a later time or a full refund. Live chat useless. Now today i find a new message on the Jetstar website stating there will be no refunds given. Why Not!!! Other airlines have changed flights at no extra costs or purely refunded fares so whats the go Jetstar??? In light of whats going on now in Australia with numbers climbing for people effected. Do you want us to fly to Japan possibly carrying the virus or risking being thrown into quarantine on arrival and for that matter on our return to Australia? all Jetstar offered was for us to PAY an extra $100 each to change our booking.!!! We didn't get any special deals at the time we booked last December pre-Covid19, So why are we being penalized . Peak time and all. We are quite happy to re-book with our refunded fares to another date, but this experience is really leaving me with a disillusioned feeling towards Jetstar's duty of care.

Further to my complaint

Further to my complaint regarding the "Level 3 on travel" issued, by the Australian Prime Minister, Jetstar (although a bit slow on the uptake), and under these extraordinary circumstances, has finally now offered cancellations and credit back on International flights previously booked. I'm so relieved and I'm sure I'm not alone. There would be so many other people in the same situation who would be financially set back with losses. So this is a positive at least and I'm pretty sure a lot of people will use the credit to re-book at a later time. I just hope once the paperwork is filled out, there are no hidden fee's.