Flight cancelled - 5th Aug 2010

My return flight from Jakarta to Singapore was cancelled without any phone call, email informing the cancellation. When I called their helpline the excuse given was due to "operational, safety, etc" From the way she said it over the phone it was obvious she was reading from a prepared answer sheet. Hmm How nice, not enough passengers to fill the flight?... ooh lets cancel it! Easy peasy lemon squeezy.. They offered a flight close to 10pm on the same day which meant I would miss my connection. I had no choice but to buy new tickets - seeking compensation would be a complete waste of time.

This is my second trip on JS and most likely my last. The first one they left my luggage in Singapore while I was already in Jakarta. Coincidence? Answers on a postcard

Next time I'll stick to Airasia...



My daughter was meant to fly

My daughter was meant to fly with Jetstar today at 8.45 am however they decided to cancel this flight and place her on a flight to the Goldcoast at 2.30 pm instead. Great !
I rang the airline and the unsympathetic operator informed me that the flight had been cancelled and no reason given. Yep the sequel to 'Cancel the flight because of lack of passengers'
Jetstar, what a joke!