Flight Cancelled sent to Gold Coast strangely no price difference???!!!

Arrived at Sydney International for our flight to Christchurch only to see our flight cancelled along with many others to NZ. Were told this was due to adverse weather and supposedly the airport was closed. To save ruining the rest of our planned trip (we are from the UK) and had to be in Melbourne 2 days later we accepted a flight to Gold Coast. After thought we realised a flight to Gold Coast would be considerably cheaper than a flight to NZ and asked Jetstar for the difference (after looking on internet, realising it is $100 difference per journey) As told by staff at Jetstar Check In we should take this up with customer services which we did when we returned home.

Jetstar have refused to pay us 'compensation' which we didnt even ask for as we accept the weather was not their fault. However we did ask for the difference in the flight which they have refused.

If they continue to refuse, is there any government regulator we can complain to, to get this independantly investigated?? As we are certain we are due back money!

Please help!


New Zealand-Christchurch


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