flight cancelled twice in one day ... then we pulled the plug

So Jet star cancels our flight to Hanoi twice!!! in the space of four hours, offering us a later booking every time. After round two, we decided not to risk missing our connection the next morning and bought tickets with a competing airline out of pocket ... Rather expensive tickets, but better than forfieting our thousand dollar tickets home. I think we made the right choice. Would rather spend the money than depend on this joke of a company. Never again.

Vietnam-Ho Chi Minh City
Vietnam-Ha Noi


Nice one! Yeah, spend the

Nice one! Yeah, spend the money on another airline. I bet they gave you some flimsy excuse as to why the flight was cancelled, too. They are'nt even worth their "sale" ticket prices. A bunch of cheats and scumbaggin whores.
Never Again.

dont ring tha malaysian call

dont ring tha malaysian call center. you wont get squat from them, they cant even speak english!

I am Malaysian and would like

I am Malaysian and would like to help Super Nintendo Chalmers with his statement.

I think he meant to say " Don't ring the Malaysian call centre for you won't get anything from them. They can't even speak English!"

Please try not to embarrass yourself.

nintendo.... u have a habit

u have a habit of putting malaysians down....
i have spoken with many many agents from there,....n hell they are more helpful than u aussies.....
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