Flight change and Cancellation

Flight from Adelaide to Sunshine Coast, via Sydney was changed. All other options were shit times. Took flight from Adelaide to Sydney. I have to re-check my bags in to get onto the Sunshine Coast flight - that is pretty shit in itself (having to re-check bags in for connecting flight). About to check in bags and flight cancelled for no reason - engineering problems - more like you fucknuts can't find enough people to make up for all the people sick from the stupid fucking vaccination that you made your staff have. I have to organise accomodation in Australia's most expensive city, Sydney, during school holidays. Will get reimbursed for accommodation expenses but only up to $300/night - fucking stingy pricks. Have got insurance but my budget runs pretty lean so I'm out of pocket until I get reimbursed. At least these fuckers could do is organise and pay for my accomdation up front. Simple message - DON'T FLY WITH THESE WANKERS. Fly Virgin instead

Australia-Sunshine Coast


@jasonletheby sure no the

@jasonletheby sure no the feeling mate
They rip customers off $30 for every kilo over
Rex Airlines is the best airline ever
No weight limit, complimentary snack tea coffee or drinks & the crew are fantastic
Jetstar charged me $50 the other day if I could make jetstar disappear permanently I sure as hell fucking would
They're a fucking joke & no doubt smiling at how much they rip there customers off