Flight Changes

Booked an international flight with a Jetstar leg (not my choice) from Wellington to Christchurch all done through Emirates online.

Jetstar changed their flight from 12:45 to 15:50, and we only found out by fluke the week before we traveled when we thought we had better check since they had changed our incoming flight times as well (we did not get any email or sms or phonecall or anything).

Well, now we wouldn't be able to make the connecting international flight. Emirates were very good and said they would even move their flights around Jetstar for us, but unfortunately we have no option but to travel when we booked. Dealing with Jetstar themselves was like banging rocks together, and after about 10 phonecalls through a brainless call centre setup, we somehow managed to get onto an earlier flight (can I get a whoop whoop?!). I even got a confirmation email which showed we had seats on the 8:10 flight.

So we thought we had better call the day afterwards just to confirm. Well what do you know - we are still booked on 15:50 and now the atmosphere is icey cold. I'm very clearly lying because their systems do not show the change (oh and they have no facility to receive emails...... :/.....). We were blatantly refused a request to speak to a manager. We have been stranded and all staff we have spoken to deny our flight having changed, despite me having emailed proof! I have emailed every address I can find, attaching proof that we were on the 8:10 flight but it's a bit like eating paint: pointless.

We have now had to cough up NZ$400 on Air New Zealand, just to make our connection in time in Christchurch.

Moral of the story: Don't Fly Jetstar!

New Zealand-Wellington
New Zealand-Christchurch


Ok, just found out our ticket

Ok, just found out our ticket might be cancelled now because we have changed a leg of our flight without permission.

Yesterday, Emirates weren't even interested in the problem and told us to sort it out with Jetstar ourselves. Now because we have taken initiative, Emirates are defensive and up-in-arms that we could even have the audacity to consider changing flight details, despite telling us that missing the connection was our problem. Being treated like absolute garbage here.... And these flights weren't cheap.

Thanks Jetstar!

Wow. there's just no level to

Wow. there's just no level to which these cunts won't stoop to, is there?
Cheap and dirty tactics are the only thing jetstar is good at; customer service and general human decency is something they cant grasp their tiny little minds around.

This type of experience is

This type of experience is typical of how Jetstar operates.

Just learn from the experience and NEVER use them again.

Why why why do people get

Why why why do people get sucked in with his crappy airline. Go wih a repatable airline. It's your own fault. Avoid them like the plague.