Flight Delay by 6 hours with no compassion

I flew with Jetstar from Adelaide to Melbourne then from Melbourne to Phuket. The international flight was one of the worst flight experiences I have had. The service was appalling. Staff did not once move around the cabin offering water to passengers on a 9 hour flight. Even when I asked for water, I had to ask 3 staff members over the space of 2 hours before I got just a small cup. I did not receive my comfort pack I ordered until 2 hours into the flight. The flight back to Melbourne from Phuket was even worse. Firstly, it was delayed 6 and a half hours meaning many passengers had to buy new accommodation. The staff, who didn’t speak any English on a plane pretty much full of Australians, showed no compassion. All we got was a food voucher to the Airport Burger King. This was nothing seeing as we had spend $600+ on extra accommodation after missing our domestic flight back to Adelaide due to Jetstars Delay. Never flying with this airline again.



You only get what you pay for

You only get what you pay for, simple.

I’m sorry you experienced

I’m sorry you experienced such poor service. I fly to Phuket with Air Asia and will never fly again with Nostar. There are alternatives, don’t weaken, and book elsewhere.

Re. Denis Booth booking on

Re. Denis Booth booking on flight JQ763 from Adelaide to Sydney 23 Jul18
I want refund of $12.00 for seat booking F1. On checking in was told that the seat had been allocated to someone else. Action please

WE had a flight cancelled by

WE had a flight cancelled by jetstar, no help from them for 6 hours, they did put us up for the night in a hotel, no transferr the next day, we had to pay for a taxi, we were sent home via sydney where they damaged our suit case, we had to pay for extra meals, extra long term parking, I tried to make a claim but they wanted receipts, who keeps receipts for meals and taxi fares and parking, even if I did I do not know how to do all that stuff on the computer I am an old aged pensioner and it is not easy for us, do your self a favour do not fly jetstar, I know I won,t