Flight Delay, Then Cancelled & Refund to take 3 months!

I booked a return flight from Ho Chi Minh to Hanoi to fly on Jan 2011. We flew in from Kuala Lumpur. While we were already on the plane from KL, I got an email from Jetstar that the flight is delayed. When we arrive in HCMC, we saw the flight was delay 12 hrs. It was suppose to leave at 12.30pm. Right, what are we to do when we arrive in Hanoi at 3am!

Subsequently, the flight was cancelled all together. Fortunately our travel plans were flexible. We were promised a refund by the airport staff within 3-4 working days. I just got off the phone with Jetstar customer service & was told the refund time frame is 3 months from Jan 2011.

I'm sure Jetstar is making money from the money they owe us. Seriously, don't fly with them, simply not worth the hassle & ruined plans.

Vietnam-Ho Chi Minh City
Vietnam-Ha Noi


Unfortunately the refund time

Unfortunately the refund time frame for Jetstar Pacific (Vietnam) is different to Jetstar Australia and Jetstar Asia. It is a bit ridiculous I agree.

Personally I get sick and

Personally I get sick and tired of people distinguishing between the various Jetstars. It is all the same Jetstar to the customer. Same Logo.. the profit winds up in the same revenue centre at the end of the day. No matter what country- Ford is still Ford, Colgate is still Colgate, Coke is still Coke, and Jetstar is still Jetstar. Blaming some other country division is blame shifting.

Jetstar Pacific (operating in Vietnam) is completely unreliable.. I am sure Jetstar Australia offer a much better service - but as a customer who cares?.

Virgin is Virgin but they

Virgin is Virgin but they have a very different product offering between countries.

Agghhh - sometimes it's like

Agghhh - sometimes it's like debating with a block of wood. Virgin have different product offerings? Guess what - so do Ford, So do Toyota, so do Yamaha, so do DHL, and guess what - even Apple offer different products in different countries in that not all products are available in every country. THEY ARE STILL THE SAME BRAND - and if they can trade off the good name of THAT BRAND they can accept the responsibility when some of their business divisions demonstrate poor performance.

JW - check with your credit

JW - check with your credit card co - depending on who it is they may be able to help. Also any travel insurance you may have had, amy help. Get stuck into them - 3 months is way too long.

Policy for Vietnam flights

Policy for Vietnam flights (ie delays cancellations etc) differs from the normal Jetstar policy. Not sure why. 3 months does seem a tad long however.