Flights cancelled

We were booked on a flight to Bali 23rd sept at 4 40 we sat there until 8 30 when they cancelled the flight it was noted the Piloted had left one hour before cancellation and the plane had been in total darkness so they knew it wasn’t going anywhere long before 8.30 we were then told to go through customs again and go to the carousel to pick our bags up the bags took one and a half hours to be delivered as they said there was no ground staff we were then directed back to the check in desk to be allocated a place to stay or the night . The rescheduled flight was 24 hrs later at 5 40. This flight was delayed until we finally took off at 8 30. To top it off there was no movies as there electrical failure with this we arrived in Bali 2 30 am aust time 12 midnight Bali so all up it took from 10 30 Friday to drive to Sydney and spend two days in an airport two nights lost and one day of our holiday THANKS JETSTAR yes things go wrong but if you don’t have the planes and the staff don’t take money from people for false flights you don’t have

Indonesia-Denpasar (Bali)


An added protest Jetstar don

An added protest Jetstar don’t pay for any reservations lost or food in the airport for two days poor families with small kids are given no regard what so ever