Follow up to our April post TWO

If you recall this happened to us in April

We now have our hearing date at Qcat DESPITE Jetstar Pty Ltd trying underhandedly to wriggle out of Australian consumer laws by asking for Pty to become Asia.. (naughty Jetstar)...

I feel happy we have come this far.. lets see how they go when they cant hang up the phone on you or treat you like crap.

I cant really go too much into what has happened but enough has happened for me to be slightly confident about winning this in Feb

Ill update this when I know more



Well done getting this far.

Well done getting this far. Hope u win the case. :)

sic em...:) they are an

sic em...:) they are an appalling company

Well done Ash. I'll keep my

Well done Ash. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Just a small hint to get you prepared for the hearing. Jetstar will send one of their "Senior Customer Advocates" to the hearing. It is either Nick or Jeremiah. They are both pretty young and not legal people so don't be nervous about them. He will turn up with a large folder full of records of your conversations and will hand it to the magistrates at the hearing. I objected to them providing these so late in the process and not giving me any opportunity to read through them. The magistrates did take my objection into consideration but still took them from Nick.

The thing that you will need to be prepared for is that the first thing the magistrate will do is to ask you to explain your case. It is a bit sudden as one minute you are standing there looking at the magistrate reading his papers and next he'll look at you and ask you to start your argument. If like me you haven't been to a court it is a bit daunting. But make sure that you have prepared your case the night before and you know how and where to start your submission. Write what you want to say is a bullet point and keep it with you. You can refer to them during the proceedings. It is actually not so bad once you start. Stick to the facts.

Ill keep my finger crossed for you. It would be great if we get another win against this appalling company. Let us know the result. Good luck Ash.

Thanks Amir.. unfortunately

Thanks Amir.. unfortunately for Jetstar I DO have legal performance experience, and lots of it :-)
I have messaged you on FB.. check your "other" folder. Would love to have a chat

Sorry Ash. I'm not sure what

Sorry Ash. I'm not sure what you mean by "other" folder. I am not too familiar with FB and cannot see that particular folder. Where do I find that folder and your message ?

If you click on the message

If you click on the message tab just to the right of the facebook word on the top left of the page you will see two boxes.. one in inbox and one is other :-)

My four children, partner and

My four children, partner and i flew into Auckland from Christhurch on Sunday 5th January. During or descent, we hit a bit of turbulance...which for someone who has flown often wss rather normal.
Gaining closer and closer to the runway....wayyy to fast i might add...suddenly there was a HUGE thud(presumably the back wheels) after the entire plane shook the plane went full tick and up into the air we went again. There was so much tension on the plane...and whilst back in the air amongst the clouds, the plane repeatatively flew at inconsistant speeds making he mood even more tense. On our final descent people were holding on for dear life and children were crying. Fully grown adults were frightened and all trust with this airline/flight had vanished. I was repeatedly telling my 12yr old son and 9yr old daughter hat we would be fine....not knowing if any one word i was telling them was true.
We landed finally with every passenger letting out a sigh of relief and some applauding. I was just so glad to get the heck off the plane with my children and partner. Never again will we be flying with Jetstar. The most horrifying experience i have ever encountered!