Forgot every ones luggage

so we caught a flight with JETSTAR to Queenstown from Auckland on Saturday morning with my wife and 3 kids, we arrived there and was waiting 45min for our bags before some one came out to tell us that they left every ones bags behind in Auckland so we waited a couple more hours for the next plane to arrive with our bags, then the plane could not land due to bad weather ect, so it had to land in Dunedin so we carried onto gore without our luggage, we where only down there for a weekend and had no spear clothes or jackets for the kids, no medication for the wife and they couldn’t get our bags to us before we went home, they say they wont refund our flights, so not happy with there service, there must have been about 180 people on board and they all had no luggage, it was freezing down there with the big snow fall and we couldn’t even afford to by jackets ect for the kids, not very happy with jet star at all, Finally got our luggage on the way home when holiday was over, wasted a whole day waiting for our bags when they didn’t even arrive, wasted my whole holiday as was only down there for a 21st,

New Zealand-Auckland
New Zealand-Queenstown


Only Jetstar! Get what u pay

Only Jetstar!
Get what u pay for..