Frozen web site

I tried to book a flight online for a trip to Auckland for my daughters hen party, it took ages to get to where I needed to be on the site, when I managed to book the seat (return trip), the site froze when I got to the final stage. The site said click on finalise - no finalise button, site frozen. Waited for a couple of days, no confirmation email, no nothing. So I thought that nothing had happend, and made other travel arrangements. To my horror, NINE days later I get a confirmation email and money goes out of my credit card account. I rang the 0800 number and the lady was as helpful as she could be (not at all, lol), and told me to fill in the online customer service form. Which I did. Yesterday I got a letter saying that I wasn't going to get a refund, blah blah. Will never go with this airline again, all they care about is money. Pity they didn't have a web site that worked properly.

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Went through the process and

Went through the process and booked my wife a flight from Manila to Perth with a stop over in Singapore. After payment I notice the iternary says the credit card used must be presented with ID when travelling from Manila to Singapore- cc owner must present. I immediatly know there is a problem so I do a dummy booking to check if I missed something and check the terms and conditions which do not say anything about presenting the credit card. I ring them and they state that the card must be presented so of course I start to get worked up and demand they look into it and get a manager into it. At the same time Im typing away on jetstars sight on FB who also say the credit card must be presented otherwise the person will be denied. After I copy and paste relevant part of the fare conditions and flight rules which say quite a few things but not anything about needing the credit card if flying from Manila to Singapore, they say they did there own dummy check and the credit card only applied if flying directly from Manila to SG- In my wifes case it is just a stop over so does not apply. Although they then said it was my responsibility to research requirements going into each country and should check next time. So the terms and conditions are not enough to fly with Jetstar? They say it was a misunderstanding yet Im not convinced she will be allowed to fly. They say they have included notes in the booking saying she 'should' be able to fly. Seems as if they employ whatever tricks and ploys they can to deny people what they have paid for. If I didnt press the matter and show them there own terms and conditions they would have ripped me off $400. Apparently the need to see credit card from Man to SG took affect from 22nd Oct, so youd think they would update there terms and conditions. Wankers