Full refund from Jetstar

Just tried cancelling my return trip from Cairns to Bali with Jetstar as travel advice is now at level 4.

When I followed the prompts on Jetstar it took me through the hoops and provided the following refund:

Payment Amount $424.27AUD
Amount Paid $424.27AUD
Refund amount in voucher credit $-317.84AUD

As you notice the refund is $107 less than I paid?....Does anyone know why this would be so as Jetstar have never bothered to break it down or explain.

Looks like I wont be flying but they are still making a 25% profit on the cancellation. (I have not cancelled yet)

Indonesia-Denpasar (Bali)


I cancelled my flight Japan

I cancelled my flight Japan-Gold Coast as I received an email from Jetstar to say that we can cancel it and get the flight voucher. So I did the process folloing the link in the email. The amount was $AU 30 less. I dont know why. But I was quite happy to get the refund (flight voucher). But but ....after I did all the process through the website, I havent got any email or anything from Jetstar. I am very suspicious if I can really get the flight voucher at the moment. It has been 3 days.

Was booked CNS - Denpasar

Was booked CNS - Denpasar 20th Mar 2020, Cancelled on receiving Aust Gov advisory level 3 - not to go to Bali. Asked Jess for voucher for a later date, was told that Jet star could not do that was offered rebooking on a flight Jan 2021 at an additional cost of $1500. I turned that down, and instead when back to the "manage my booking" section of the website and went through the cancellation process. In the process of this I received a screen notification to the effect that I was told I was entitled to and would receive a full refund. On completion of the form I received a message that my booking had been cancelled and a refund would be forwarded in 10 days time - oddly no request for bank detail?
It is now just on 10 days time, and this morning I received a further message saying that my "Travel Credit Voucher" was being processed and that I should expect this in 14 days time.
I am more than a little bit alarmed.