Getting a letter for a cancelled flight for insurance purposes

I was on a flight from Singapore to Perth in mid-november. After a days delay I got back to Perth. SInce that time I have been waiting for a letter from jetstar for my insurance claim. As of today 14th December I have still not got any letter from them. I have called and been told it takes two weeks or three weeks to no it will be with you tomorrow. I cant believe that it can take so long to get a standard letter advising that the plane was cancelled. I have also tried to get through to customer relations to complain only to be told that they dont accept calls and that you complain through the website. I have done this and been told I can expect a call in aboy three weeks! They have to be the worst airline for customer service around. Anyone else waiting for a cancellation letter?



My Perth-Sin flight was

My Perth-Sin flight was cancelled too, and we waited for about 2-3 hours at the airport for the staff to arrive with the letter. It was a horribly long and anxious wait (you wouldn't know when the mysterious staff will arrive), but "worth" the effort as it enabled us to claim from our insurance company (non-Jetstar linked) effortlessly. The claim was processed very quickly too.