The Gold Coast - Cairns Route - What a Sham!

Gold Coast / Cairns forms part of Jetstar Australia's - International Japan route so it will come as no surprise that they often cancel the domestic flights to better utilise international aircraft capacity! This has now happened to my wife and I on several occasions. It sort of feels like another sneaky Jetstar tactic - to cancel their domestic flight and combine it on the International leg. You usually only get a few hours notice but with international check-in you also need to be there no later than an hour before AND worse you have to go through the hassle of customs. The only Vale-Add is it's always a better aircraft 787 Dreamliner! Anyway they did preciously this to my wife and I last Saturday 8/9/18 - on our way up to Cairns but then tried to pull the exact same stunt today 13/9/18 for our return leg. But this time worse they also cancelled the international flight leg altogether. Ruining our travel plans and causing huge angst and worry. Just snother lousy example of their poor service. This is the final straw for me - and will now just pay more and travel Virgin or Qantas - the risk trouble and worry especially when you are on right deadlines - it's just isn't worth it.

Australia-Gold Coast


Qantas are no better.

Qantas are no better. Talking to a young couple with a baby in Denpasar airport where they had booked on Jetstar and then got an email to say their flight had been delayed by nine hours. Rebooked on Qantas and it was four hours late leaving.