Goldcoast Tokyo ?????

The Gold Coast to Tokyo flight 2nd December???? We booked online and confirmed 8th October.... but SIX WEEKS after the booking confirmation and 5 days before departure Jetstar called and changed it to Goldcoast to Osaka.
We were advised to find our own way to Tokyo when we arrived at Osaka.

Despite our pleas for help,No offer to help find a flight.
How far is it from the Osaka International terminal to the domestic??,,,,how much time will it take to get thru customs??
Who is paying for the 2 extra fares??
What about the arangements I have made in Tokyo on our arrival??
Not sure what to do from here....

Australia-Gold Coast
Japan-Tokyo (Narita International)


When my flight from Osaka was

When my flight from Osaka was canceled and I had to get from Osaka to Tokyo it took about 7 hours and 3 trains if I remember correctly, though I was with a Japanese person which helped a lot with buying tickets and such.
It was not a pleasurable journey with all my luggage, though I did at least get a quick glimpse of Mt Fuji.
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I think you got your facts

I think you got your facts wrong Gary - I was travelling Gold Coast to Tokyo eariler this year and recieved an email stating that my flight was now Gold Coast to Osaka. Instead of trying to call that ridiculous call centre I went straight to the airport to speak with a real person. When they looked it up it shows that my flight was changed Gold Coast to Osaka with a transit stop in Tokyo. I was relieved to say the least but whoever writes up those emails or trains the call centre needs to be fired immediatly!

The call centre is run over

The call centre is run over in Asia and they fuck up all the time. Can't spell, can't speak English. COMPUTER SAYS NO. Maybe Carol Beer from Little Britain should be working for Jetstar.