Got a booking email from Jetstar saying my flight is booked!

I arrived @ the Sydney domestic airport this morning just after 6am! Tried to check in on the machine and wouldn't work! Then went up to the service desk and then they tell me that the payment was declined which is utter BS! As I got a email saying the flight was booked and gave me the booking number of lGFEXG!!im really pissed off and not happy! I have had to fork out another $223 dollar flight to Melbourne and now have to wait here @ the airport for 5 hours!! If you don't resolve this Jetstar I will be taking further action! And I won't be flying Jetstar EVER again! And have told heaps of others how useless and piss poor you are!! NOT HAPPY

Australia-Melbourne - Tullamarine


Keep on at them. Make sure

Keep on at them. Make sure you screen shot all of your conversations with Customer Care as well as keeping all your documentation and emails. Do you have a bank statement to support your claims.
Keep telling every customer care person you want the email address to send your complaint letter to. They say it will be 15 days before they respond so on day 14 make sure you contact them to let them know you'll be expecting a call from them the next day.
If you're not satisfied with their response you'll need to then ask for it to be reviewed before sending your complaint to the Airline Customer Advocate.
I've just had a win and am waiting for the money to be returned.
Good luck