The Great Card Fee RIP OFF, choose an honest option instead (any other option)

How can Jetstar justify charging $8.50 per person per sector on a booking for a debit/credit card processing fee..
from their site:
"A Booking and Service Fee of $8.50 per passenger, per domestic flight applies"

I know that POLI and Direct Deposit and god forbid a Jetstar Mastercard has no fees but :
Banks do not charge retailers for using a Debit Card and typically charge 1% of the amount for a Credit Card transaction.

$39 flight x 2 legs = $78 Credit Card fee $17, total $95 to pay. Disgusting when the bank will charge them less than a $1 or nothing at all for this transaction.

Jetstar may have low fares but any business can have low prices and then inconvenience you at time of payment with a whopping 20% add on thats entirely unjustified.
Id rather pay more with a better airline who charges fairly.

Australia-Melbourne - Avalon


I totally agree it is nothing

I totally agree it is nothing more than a rip off. So why doesnt the accc look into it. Or r we going to have to go thru class actions like those that occurred to the banks for excess fees..

I dont travel jetstar anymore.. bjt when I did I often got to sit in the emergency exit seats.. the lassenger is expected to operate the emergency door in case of trouble. Why cant passenger in those seats charge jetstar , as the passenger is expected to do the flight attentants job.