Hand balling belongs at the footy, not in Customer Service

My husband and I were travelling from Perth to Melbourne to watch the final AFL games before the finals started. We were leaving Perth at 10:10, which meant we didn't have an early morning rush to the airport and were to arrive in Melbourne about 4pm giving us plenty of time to get to our hotel, eat and head to the game.
This is not what happened!
Whilst queuing to check in, people's phone began 'dinging' with a message saying the flight was cancelled.
We never received this email!
Three weeks after our non flight, I was told I wasn't sent notification because I'd booked through Qantas. SERIOUSLY!
We were then re-booked onto a 3pm flight with Virgin arriving in Melbourne at 8:30pm. We were going to miss at least half the game we had tickets to see! Whilst this was not ideal we were not too concerned and so too the Jetstar rebooking paper from check in and drove off for a couple of hours.
We then arrived at Virgin to check in at1pm. The poor guys face at checkin turned white as he frantically looked for our names.
They weren't there!
Long story short, Virgin go us onto the next flight out at 5:25pm thus missing the game we were going to see.
Three weeks of me continually bugging Jetstar 'Customer Care' and FB (I've since been banned from their FB Page) they rang me. After a 56 minute conversation they said they wer sorry the flight was cancelled and that it was Virgins fault I was not on the 3pm flight! They offered me a $100 voucher and yet offered my husband a $50 voucher (go figure). I declined both vouchers.
Whilst talking to Jetstar I asked them in general conversation what happens when a crew member is sick. They said there are crew members on standby if the situation arises.
Clearly that contradicts what we were told by a staff member at the airport as they said the flight could not operate because of sick crew.
I have since lodged a complaint with the Airline Customer Ombudsman and it will be 20 days before I hear anything back. I'm not bothered whether or not I get the cost of my football tickets back. The fact I have deterred friends from flying with this joke of an airline is at least some satisfaction.

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travelled from Brisbane to

travelled from Brisbane to Townsville 29 sept paid $25 for my front row seat was given a rear seat when complained was told your going home aren't you! have used Jetstar many times would rather use train even thought it takes 24 hours .Othe morning flight from Townsville to Brisbane it comes from bali was told most of the food ect was already sold out before Townsville ,What a way to run a airline! so do I GET THE $25 I paid for returned!

You'll have to send them a

You'll have to send them a written complaint and wait for them to respond. It usually takes 15 days for a response. On day 14, message then via Customer Care stating it's day 14 and you'll be expecting a call from them the next day.
Once they've rung if you're still not satisfied you'll then need to contact them again to ask for your case to be reviewed before you can then contact the Airline Customer Advocate.
I received a reply from them with settlement from Jetstar within 10 days.