Handbag weighed?

Yesterday we about to check in for our flight with a hand luggage suitcase each, a medium LV handbag and a soft cover briefcase. I also had a paperbag with a womens weekly, bottle of water and a light jacket. The Jetstar women insisted that all this had to be put on the scales which of course made our total weight over. She wanted $70 for the handbag and light briefcase. Exactly the same luggage we had gone down with on the Friday! A total ripoff. I was happier to cab it to Tulla and buy new flights on Virgin which is exactly what I did. No problem with hand luggage there a

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Hi Jenny, I’m sorry to hear

Hi Jenny,

I’m sorry to hear that you’re disappointed at having to pay a cabin baggage upgrade fee at the airport recently. I’m afraid that our Starter fares don’t include a free checked baggage allowance.

When travelling on a Starter Fare you can carry one piece of hand luggage up to 56cm x 36cm x 23cm per person plus one small item such as a handbag, laptop or jacket. The total weight of all your cabin baggage cannot exceed ten kilos per passenger.

I can confirm that as you arrived at the airport with a combined weight of 32kg over 5 bags, you were 12 kilos over your combined cabin baggage allowance which was why you were advised that you would need to pay the baggage upgrade fee to check your luggage.

We have information about cabin baggage upgrade fees available on our website under the Planning and Booking section – Baggage – Baggage fees.

Regrettably, as you didn’t pay this fee, and chose to fly with another carrier instead, you have forfeited these fares as our Starter fares are non-refundable.

In future, it may be helpful to know that you can add baggage to your booking prior to check in opening for your flight through ‘Manage your booking’ on our website or through our Telephone Reservations at a cheaper price than doing it at the airport on the day of travel.

I’m sorry if you weren’t aware of our Starter fare rules and this made your travel with us difficult, but I hope you can appreciate that we need to apply our rules consistently for all our passengers.

Thanks - Amanda

What rubbish. Our bags

What rubbish. Our bags weighed nothing like 32 kg. 2 normal cabin size wheel ons , 1 handbag, 1 soft side briefcase. Someone is feeding you mis information from avalon to keep their job

Filth. What a scam they

Filth. What a scam they operate.

Hi Amanda from Jetstar, I

Hi Amanda from Jetstar,

I have been on your website and can confirm that in addition to the carry on allowance of 10kg, you can take on the following items in addition to the 10kg allowance:

A handbag, a laptop and a coat.

You advise that we had 5 items weighing a total of 32kg. The number of items is correct but I still maintain that they did not weigh a total of 32kg. Nevertheless, for the sake of the argument, the 5 items were made up of 2 suitcases, 1 handbag which on your website is allowed in addition to the 10kg allowance, a soft sided briefcase containing a laptop, which also is not included in the 10 kg allowance and a canvas bag containing a bottle of champagne and water and a magazine and a coat. The coat is exempt from the 10 kg allowance and the bottle of water and magazine could have been carried or put in the handbag. We even offered that they could keep the champagne if that was a problem. Nevertheless, your representative insisted that everything be put on the scales and hence we were over the allowance.

Now take into account, the laptop, handbag, magazine, bottle of water which would have weighed approximately 10 kg so now we are 2 kg over. They keep the champagne and now we are 20kg. Perfect, we can now fly without penalty.

I just want to bring to your attention, and I do have substantiating documents in my possession, that in the last 12 months, I have personally spent at least $4,940-50 with Jetstar and I am sure my wife would have spent a similar amount through her business. This also does not include the many thousands of dollars we have spent with your parent company, Qantas.

For the sake of a very miscalculated 12kg excess baggage penalty, which should have excluded the handbag, laptop, water and coat, as stated on your own website, your lack of flexibility at check in has cost you our patronage. Something a company that loses $450 million this year can do without.

Some times you just cut off your nose to spite your face.

Doesn't it say something when there is a dedicated website set up to vent your anger at a specific NONservice provider. "DON'TFLYJETSTAR.COM". I have never seen this in any other industry!!

When will you listen to the customer?

Wayne Howse

I don't know what website

I don't know what website your reading Jenny but http://mobile.jetstar.com/s/info/carry-on-baggage/ clearly says you are allowed 1 main piece and a smaller item such as your hand bag at a combined total of 10 kilos.

Personally I would never fly

Personally I would never fly Jetstar ever again after the experience suffered the one time I have.

But I have to say Jenny, the airline has every right to weigh your hand luggage. In fact they are actually required to by CASA to ensure the aircraft does not fly with dangerous loads in the cabin baggage compartments. A predictable side effect of low cost airlines offering the option of not purchasing checked luggage means passengers push the limit for carry on luggage to save a couple of bucks. Jetstar offers 10kg cabin baggage, Virgin offers only 7kg you were lucky the baggage was not checked there. Yes Jetstar has the worst customer service I have ever encountered in an airline, but yours is not a valid complaint. Your cabin luggage was overweight, you got caught out, suck it up princess!

This is

I got the same problem, 1

I got the same problem, 1 suitcase with wheel, 1 hand bag, and a paper bag with gift that I bought a airport and Sydney, the joke star staff ask me stuff the gift into my lugguage or they are happy to throw it away for me...

I feel sorry for you Amanda.

I feel sorry for you Amanda. To have to work for an airlines like this that takes advantage of people world wide. Jetstar has so many complaints each day that there is something major wrong.
I noticed that the Singapore Jetstar opened up at 4:30am. Maybe this makes the employees mad being up so early and they try to get even with the customers the rest of the day.
That's about the only thing I can figure out.

Your right Herman - yet

Your right Herman - yet another person on this website who obviously wants to blame everyone else for thier own actions. Read the conditions people!