holiday was great. flight to and from cairns full of problems

hi all,
just returned from holiday in cairns yesterday and thought i would share my wonderful experience travelling with CRAPSTAR.
i booked return flight sydney to cairns for 12 people(6 adults & 6 young kids). depart sydney sunday 8.45am. depart cairns saturday1.20pm. below is a list of problems i had.

1. 1 week out from departure, received email saying 1.20pm flight from cairns is cancelled due to operational requirements( means we're not making any or enough money so we'll cancel it). had no choice but to accept an earlier flight at 9.25am instead.

2. arrive at sydney airport sunday morning at 6.15am for flight to cairns. checked in and was told there was only slight delay. 5 mins after check in got txt saying flight delayed 3 hrs. not happy cause we had 6 little ones to look after but had no choice. arrived in cairns at 2pm local time.

3. after enjoying a week in cairns i was in bed trying to get sleep before our 9.25am departure the next day when i got a text message at 10.45pm saying our flight had been cancelled due to operational requirements. i rang the phone number given to organise an alternative and after yelling to the automated voice system and then talking to someone in india i was offered a 6.30am or 7.20am flight, both of which i could not accept because i had a rental minibus to return an was unsure if i could get a taxi at 5am to the airport from the rental office in cairns. after hanging up and ringing back 2 more times i accepted a 2.25pm flight home to sydney via a 3hr changeover in brisbane . the other alternative was to fly next day but with a big group that was going to be too hard.

4. we fly out of cairns and into brisbane without a problem. we get our bags, walk out of arrivals lounge and back into departures and find our flight to sydney is delayed 20 mins. by this time im just shaking my head in amazement. we fly out at 8.15pm and arrive in sydney at 10.30pm. got in front door at 11.45pm. what a fantastic day.

i went on holidays to relieve some stress but came home with even more. thanks CRAPSTAR for your excellent customer service and ever reliable flights.



Disgusting but not

Disgusting but not surprising. Perfect way to ruin 6 families annual holiday. Have you tried to put this on Jerstar Facebook for others to see ? We really need to get this despicable company out of our skies. Not giving them your hard earned money is a very good start.