I can't believe they charge a $120 change fee without any flexibility in the case of an error

I booked a return flight to Tasmania with the wrong date. I realised the next day that I had put in the wrong month and rang Flight Centre to change the booking which I had made through their online website.

After waiting 20 minutes on the phone I eventally got through and it was fixed very quickly but not until I had incurred a $120 Jetstar change fee and $82.50 in Flight Centre fees. After several phone calls I got the Flight Centre fees refunded. Common sense prevailed.

I then rang Jetstar and the girl I spoke to was very unsympathetic and after some pushing referred me to the customer feedback section of Jetstar.com.

I was surprised to see they say to allow up to 15 days. They replied in 13 days.

The letter was full of irrelevant information but no empathy was shown and they had to decline my request for a refund so as to be consistent (what a load of rubbish)

My first letter was very tactful my second one was a bit more forceful.. but still the same result (very condescending and still no refund offered)

I wish we had an airline ombudsman :-(

Australia-Melbourne - Tullamarine


yeah so do I - im sure that

yeah so do I - im sure that there will be one at some point

I will be using Virgin from

I will be using Virgin from now on whatever the cost (just out of principle) :-(

I did the same mistake! I

I did the same mistake! I accidentally clicked the wrong flight then when i was in the payment process menu when i realised tried clicking back but the payment went through rang them straight away (after waiting over an hour on hold) i went to fix the error but now have to pay $654 something (as i am booking for 11 people) for change fee for one flight.

it so stupid, they do not have any empathy for a simple human error !

I did not end up paying for this stupid fee! so I have 11 of us stuck in the wrong flights!