I hate jetstar

Letter to jetstar below

To whom it may concern,

i am writing in regards to our flights on the 1st of November from Melbourne travelling to Manila, with a stop over in Darwin.

Our problems started prior to even leaving Melbourne, when we were booking our tickets online. Online booking should not be a complicated system, however we were double charged for this trip. We contacted Jetstar immediately to address the issue, in which we spent over 4 hours on the phone to customer service. At this point we were assured we would be refunded, however we had to spend more time on the phone days later chasing this up before we could receive our money back. We emailed regarding this issue, please see reference.

When leaving Melbourne, there were problems with the tug system release, so we were stranded on the Tarmac for approximately 3 hours. During this time there was no air conditioning, no opportunity to obtain food or beverages, and while i understand that this was a stressful situation for the flight attendant staff and it was out of their control, we feel they handed the situation poorly.

During this time, we were aware that we would be cutting it close to make our connecting flight, and so we voiced our concerns to the staff. At this point we were told that everything would be sorted out, and it was highly likely that the transferring flight would be delayed slightly to accommodate not just us, but the other passengers catching this flight.

On landing in Darwin, our connecting flight was still open to boarding. As customers which made an effort to ensure we only had carry on luggage to simplify boarding, we were disappointed at the way this was handled. There was no effort while on board, even though we discussed it with the airline staff, to let us know the current situation. At this point, no effort was made to assist these customers, such as letting passengers with a connecting flight leave the plane first. Even once we had exited the plane, and the connecting flight was still at the gate, there was still no directions or support from Jetstar staff. Again, as we had carry on luggage, it would have been quite simple to allow us to catch our flight.

After stress fully trying to navigate our way around Darwin airport, we ended up at the service desk, where we were told we were unable to make the flight, and at this point were delayed further. We were eventually informed that we would be placed onto the same flight the next day, and would shortly receive our confirmation email. Currently, almost 12 hours later, we have still not confirmed a booking confirmation and we are left unsure whether we will make it onto the flight, as it is overbooked. We have returned to the airport to try to find out further information from the Jetstar staff, to discover there was no one on site to help us, and would not be there for a further 4 hours. Considering we have flights leaving Manila and accommodation which we have had to cancel and have lost roughly $700 , it is highly disappointing that there is it no one to assist us.

As we have had to request time off for this holiday, and therefore have limited time, we have now lost time for this holiday and it has started very poorly.

I am very disappointed in Jetstar and the way this situation has been handled.

I am looking forward to hearing back from you regarding this issue and how this situation will be rectified.

Australia-Melbourne - Tullamarine


I have been 'done over'

I have been 'done over' before by them.

Cannot fathom why they go out of their way to alienate, screw and lose customers?

Booked a trip with Son who has had to pull out for medical reasons. Just wanted to change date if possible or if not, change one ticket to another name.

Philippines Customer "Care" (what a farce) are trained in how NOT to solve problems. Get a more sensible response form my Parrot.

To change the name on a ticket -- no physical change to any flight -- just a single computer entry, done ONCE, it's INSTANT and GLOBAL they want $585-00.
So if that took 2 minutes MAX, that equates to $17,550-00 per hour.

Instead, they will pay some poor chick in the Philippines hours of work to essentially lie, make lame excuse and thoroughly rile up customers. wasting heaps of time.

I strongly support Australian companies and have campaigned for fair protection from Globalisation for years, but if Jetstar went bankrupt tomorrow, I think I'd sleep well.

I propose a new name for non libel use on radio etc --ScumStar.

Spread the word

Is any one up to take on

Is any one up to take on ScamStar?

Protests with placards at airports?

Class action for unconscionable behaviour under Fair Trading Acts?

If enough people, perhaps with one of the Big law firms?

How do we kick this off? Start by boycott of Scamstar and QANTAS which of course is- Queer And Nasty, Try Another Service