I have just changed a flight with jetstar from Launceston direct to Brisbane not happy about having to pay extra $85.20 .????

I recently flew from Melbourne to Brisbane on the 19th of August,Cant remember the flight details but it left Melbourne somewhere between 2.pm and 3pm i arrived in Brisbane somewhere around 5 pm ,I had been to Tasmania for my Uncles Funeral on my return Flight i wrote Jetstar a lovely Poem of which i included all cabin Crew,Pilot and First officer names in Poem ,They were overwhelmed and excited as i made the Poem into a Paper Airplane and passed onto the Crew towards the end of the Flight when i arrived in Brisbane the Cabin Crew said to me they would Endeavor to have Poem put in the Infighting Jetstar Magazine's they were over the moon and all thanked me immensely,I have just changed my flight from Launceston to Brisbane as im coming back to Tasmania for my Dads 80th he's had a bit of bad luck lately as his Brother and my Uncle had passed away ,my father had a stroke 1 year ago and has never recovered properly so i need to spend more time with him hence the reason ive had to change my flight from the 11th Sept to the 16th September Im really not happy as i had to pay an Extra $85.20 to change flights so therefore i was just wondering if from the bottom of your hearts you can refund me the extra $85.20 for the change flight back to Brisbane as im not ask for anything for free just thought if my Poem does go into the Infight Magazine you could waver my extra charge kind Regars Russell Taylor
Email russelltaylorrt64@gmail.com ph number 0456627994 cheers and look forward to your reply.....up up and away....????????

Australia-Melbourne - Tullamarine


from memory cabin crew names

from memory cabin crew names were Amy,maybe Joe thats a ladys name, i think there may have been a David possibly from America cant remember pilots names i have a funny feeling they had the same name i usually take a photo of my peoms but my phone had run out of Battery.

If anybody can find out there

If anybody can find out there names I'd appreciate that as im cant remember cheers beers