I just wanna go hooooome!

I primarily came to NZ to drop my youngest off to her Father for a week. But have taken her to see other people for the week before too. So we've been here 2 weeks. Had a flight booked home for 7am today. They tell me yesterday afternoon that there's a 10 hour delay due to "operational issues". However, the 5pm flight would mean I'd arrive too late to get home (considering customs, etc) as I'm relying on public transport to get us home to Brisbane, and am new enough in Queensland that I don't know anyone who can pick us up. I have no money right now (as I didn't need to??? and NZ has costed far more than I expected it to. I'm also a Pensioner), my travel insurance won't cover additional expenses for this unforeseeable event (perhaps for a hotel in Gold Coast, or a taxi home for the kids, myself & our luggage), as they are passing the buck onto Jetstar. Jetstar sent $100 voucher for each myself & my 2 young children as compensation. But I am not allowed to use it on an overnight hotel in Gold Coast - ONLY future flight bookings. They won't put us on another airline instead. The best they can offer is to move us to an early flight on another day...in 4 days. Assuming that flight would actually depart at all...they tell me there is nothing else 'til then due to "operational issues" but refuse/are unable to tell me precisely what that means! Screw your vouchers Jetstar - you won't be seeing me again!

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Cassandra you need post this

Cassandra you need post this on the jetstar Australia face book page also

Hi Cassandra, I’m sorry that

Hi Cassandra,
I’m sorry that you’ve had a frustrating experience with us and experienced some disruption to your flight.
We try our best to avoid any delays or cancellations as we understand how much this affects our passengers. On some occasions due to our strict safety standards or operations, a delay or cancellation is unavoidable. In the event of this we try our best to offer a move to the next available flight to get you to your destination as soon as we can.

I’m sorry that these next flights were unsuitable for you and your family and that this caused a number of difficulties for you. In this case if a move was unacceptable for passengers they were offered a refund of the un-flown booking. I can see from your booking that you were advised of this when you contacted Telephone Reservations and chose to accept the free move.

I apologise that the delays to your flight have caused you difficulties and I am sorry if you were hoping we might be able to offer more to you, however flight times don’t form part of your contract with us and we do advise we may be unable to carry you at the scheduled time.

The Safety and Security of our Passengers and Staff is our number one priority, therefore this delay was necessary.

Thanks - Juliette

Yet again with the being

Yet again with the being vague. You could've taken this opportunity to win some credibility back by explaining exactly why my flight was delayed. I had panic attacks (ask any air hostess or passenger on that flight) during my flight as a result of you being so vague. There's no trust there now - it's gone for good. This isn't about the fact it was delayed. It's about you being prepared to offer any help but the help I required, & not easing my mind by explaining why it was delayed (mechanical issues...no pilot...whatever) & assuring me that everything was ok. How do you expect me to take your word that the plane's 100% safe if you won't even tell me what the problem was in the first place...keeping secrets...when did obviously keeping secrets ever make anyone feel good...I stand to be travelling across the Tasman & back every 3 months with my 2 children for years to come. Potentially even return twice every 3 months as I move further away from my life in NZ & don't want to hang around while my youngest is with her Dad. You just lost all those bookings from me by failing to explain exactly what caused the delay, & for not allowing me to use those vouchers on a hotel in GC, or for a taxi to my home in Brisbane. Then you're in competition with me trying to convince anyone I know to fly with you. It's done - you can't go back now. I've confronted you lot about both these concerns enough times without seeing any joy from you that it wouldn't even matter what you did now - I'm Air NZ now, whatever the extra expense - anything but Jetstar, at least. Goodbye.

Cassandra I have been trying

Cassandra I have been trying to get the truth out of jetstar for 4 months now , like I have said before " you got a better chance getting a straight answer from a politician then from any one at jetstar "
Seems strange that other airlines don't have so many safety and operational issues !
This Airline is run only for big profits and customers come second , like I said before they were the worst airline in Australia last year for cancelled flights and delayed flights , if they cared at all they would not be the worst !
And to any one reading this from jetstar the stats and facts don't lie , unlike jetstar staff !

Ha - too right Steve. As for

Ha - too right Steve. As for Jetstar, there's one last thing that I just noticed as I read the thread through quickly again, that I thought I ought to clear up: "In this case if a move was unacceptable for passengers they were offered a refund of the un-flown booking. I can see from your booking that you were advised of this when you contacted Telephone Reservations and chose to accept the free move." Did you just make that up yourself, or are you employing staff who lie on their notes? Surely these conversations were recorded live...go check them. They NEVER offered me a refund. Had they done so, rest assured that I would've flown home on another airline. So I did not "choose" to accept the free move. I had no choice. It was 5pm on the day I booked it, & stranded at GC airport overnight, or stranded in CHCH for the next 4 days til the next available Jetstar flight earlier in the day. No refund offered, not once in all my calls in the 24 hours prior to my flight. Don't go making stuff up.

Cassandra, in my experience

Cassandra, in my experience "operational reasons" means that they have overbooked the flight and are offloading the passengers who have paid the least amount. That's what they said when they "cancelled" our Darwin-Brisbane flight back in July...."its been cancelled for operational reasons". We refused to move and instead asked for a refund and all of a sudden it was "oh I've just been informed the flight is back on again". When we got to the airport the next day no-one I spoke to in the check in queue had received a phone call like mine. The hostie did say however that the flight was booked out. I got an apology from Jetstar after I posted on this site and also a $200 travel voucher to compensate for the stress but that's it. I wish they would do what I've heard of in the US. They overbook flights all the time over there because often people don't turn up and they have empty seats which they can then sell twice over. When everyone turns up at once they say "anyone who wants to wait till the next flight we will give a free flight to xxxxx (insert some place here where they often have empty seats).". That seems to work for them - many people don't care if they fly a bit later. At least it's honest that way.

Lol Claire, the sly deviants

Lol Claire, the sly deviants eh. Most people didn't even get the warning of the delay that I did. I guess at least I received the text & emails the afternoon before my flight was due to leave. I'm not sure at what end the communication failed. All I know is most people were up at 3am for the 7am flight, & found out about the delay when they got to the airport. The pilot said before take off that he had flown over from Melbourne 'specially to fly the 5pm Jetstar CHCH-GC. He didn't actually sound like he was terribly in the know, or at least it sounded to me as if he didn't agree that it was inavoidable. A lady near me chuckled and said that she had got a different story at the airport. Who knows for sure what the truth is. They really know how to dig their holes deeper. Sounds like the US has got it all figured out. Pop it in the suggestion box. Haha. I would, but I won't use them again anyway.

Cassandra i think there is so

Cassandra i think there is so much going on with this air line . i would not be surprised if they are also cancelling flights that are not making money .
You would think if it was safety issuses that caa would have to be informed and there would be a detailed report on it , i would love the meda to do some investigating reporting on this airline and see if they are telling the truth .
The fact that they are so vague with every thing they say , one has to wonder what is going on behind the scenes .
Also i was in the usa last year and a flight was over booked , they explaned to everyone the situation on the airport intercom and offered money or a free flight if you gave up your seat , they have great customer service in the usa .

look they arent names

look they arent names shitstar for nothing bunch of clowns thats all they are

A woman and her 2 children

A woman and her 2 children are stranded in another country for 4 days and shitstar response is *copy paste* ABSOLUTE DISGRACE