I will never again fly with Jetstar

I have too many nightmarish stories to write them all here...but I must admit they all sound quite similar to others already posted. I fly to the Gold Coast once every three weeks and I too am saying I will never fly again BUT unlike some of you have mentioned here - I will not be going back again. Sale or no sale (in fact i have vouchers I have torn up because I simply am not interested in flying with them ever again) You get no service, arrogance and confusion! I do realise they are an economy airline, but so are Virgin and Tiger. I have had NO issues with Virgin....and I've had MANY with Tiger LOL But the difference is you have to expect them with Tiger - you fly at your own risk. Plus there are no hidden secrets with Tiger - they are a discount airline and you are told several times the fee structure and how to check in etc without building more fees. Jetstar have rules and regulations that change daily. I firmly believe the harder you search for rules and regs or baggage limits and prices on their website the dumber you get.


P.S this site is bloody awesome. :)

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..i too will never fly

..i too will never fly Jetstar again! ...they have ugly flight attendant!

Noe what a stupid

Noe what a stupid comment....that has nothing to do with this site

NOE Victim.......that is

NOE Victim.......that is pathetic and not a legitimate reason to complain about Jetstar. The staff are not there just so you can get a tingle in your undies dude.