Inefficient Customer service & Finance Department!!!

I wish to lodge a complaint over Jetstar customer service as I made a payment via ANZ direct transfer for 3 flights booking on 12/12/2011 but had forgotten to indicate the booking reference number. Subsequent to that, I had to undergo a nightmare for having to follow up by writing to the finance dept, calling numerous times to the customer service department, escalating to the supervisors, complaining and literally following up daily to check with them to ensure this gets allocated.

Each time when I call up to the Customer Service department, i have to speak to a different agent whom does not follow up on my complaints. They even claimed that my transfer did not get through despite proving a receipt acknowledging the transfer and claimed that the booking reference is already closed!!!

I have been calling them almost daily to check the status. This is ridiculous and I need someone to advice me of my rights. I am a Malaysian, intending to travel to New Zealand and the payment was made through direct transfer using an ANZ account to Jetstar NZ.

Please help! What are my rights???

New Zealand-Queenstown
New Zealand-Christchurch


I recently booked 4 tickets

I recently booked 4 tickets online with Jetstar. I made a payment of $692 the same day by direct transfer from my bank account in Brisbane. I followed the instructions on Jetstar's web site and included their booking number etc. my bank advised the transfer was made to Jetstar the next day. I still have no confirmed "e tickets" or receipt and my booking has disappeared from the Jetstar web site. Luckily, I saved a copy of their booking form with flights, amount and booking number. Even when I log into their site, there is no record of my booking. No response to my email enquiry. Their rep. Told me to wait a further 7 days for processing of my booking. That is a long time to book airline tickets. I now wish I had have booked with Virgin, or at least paid by visa card. I also live iAsia so it is costly to follow up and phone this company. They don't seem to care at all about their customers

My wife and I booked a trip

My wife and I booked a trip from Sydney to Brisbane for the 6 of July 2012 and returning on the 8th of July 2012. After booking the flight I found out that the booking should have been for the 7 of July 2012. I contacted Jetstar for a change to the next day & the), I was then informed that the change of booking was going to cost my wife and I a extra $220 dollars extra over and above thew original cost. This was a cost of $40 dollars each for extra charges for the flight and a extra $70 dollars for the booking Change. I asked to speak to a supervisor and then got exactly the same foren person on the phone. I asked then as too wy this was so expensive to change and the answer I then got was "it is company policy". This bloody ridicules' and then she would not put me through to any one else.