Inept Staff..

Flying from Perth to Singapore the flight was delayed 2 hours.
After an hour and the passengers getting a bit toey we get told that the plane cannot take off using the allocated runway because it is too heavy (The long runaway was out of service?) and that they will offload the passengers who are not transiting baggage. I informed the Jetstar "lady" that I would be going across the bridge into Johor Bahru Malaysia so I needed my luggage.
Got to Singapore and of course no luggage. I was told that they would forward it to my address in Johor.
Gave them my details and contact number there.
While I was there got the phone number as I had a gut feeling things would turn to Jet Shit.
After two days Rang them and was told that they couldn't work out my address (forget that they had my email and phone number)
It is six days into my two week trip now and four phone calls to the Customer fob off dept giving the same details each time and getting a CASE ID which nobody seems to be able to access who told me that they do not know how to get my luggage to me (which by the way is an hour across the bridge) And if I want I could arrange for a courier to get my luggage to me and then claim it from Jet Shit.
Should have known it was a Qantas turd.
Got my bag today six days later, I managed to find someone going to Singapore that would pick up my stuff..
And paid for it myself..

Flight was on 30/11/2014
Still no email from Jetstar - 08/12/2014
Still no contact from Jetstar - 16/12/2014 I know I got my bags but my complaint is in the system.
Got contacted today 18/12/2014

18 December 2014
Dear Mr xxxx,

Thank you for letting us know about your delayed baggage. We are very sorry to hear about your delayed bag and we apologize for all the inconvenience caused. We would like to check and confirm if the bag was restored to you now. Please advise us so that we can liaise this with Jetstar ports included in your itinerary.

Thank you.

Kind Regards,
Jetstar Baggage Services
Jetstar Group
Fax (03) 8660 2869



I found this.. How many of us

I found this.. How many of us of had that email..Haha

This airline needs to be shut

This airline needs to be shut down...NOW!!!
NEXT TIME FLY scoot...owned by singapore airlines and is excellent!

Imagine if she flew