Itinerary Issues

I booked to fly my son Hobart to Sydney over three months ago on a custodial change over. The cost was $300 one way. On booking I received an email that was titled "Your Itinerary " but it only contained a tax invoice. I needed a formal itinerary as the flight was a custody issue, my son is autistic and wanted to know in advance the details and I was moving him with extra and over size baggage which I would pay for 48 hours before once my ex had weighed and measured the items. I requested again and got another tax invoice. I went to the website and pop up chatted to a agent. Another tax invoice only. Called Jetstar. Another tax invoice. Went on Facebook and posted the issue. Another useless tax invoice. Since then I have rung four times, chatted another two and now have ten useless tax invoices and no itinerary. I could screenshoot each different web page to get the flight times, the seat number, the departure information and then baggage information and then merge into one pdf but it would not be an official itinerary for custody purposes and why should I? Jetstars own Conditions of Carriage clearly tell you what an itinerary is and says you get it on booking and on request. It then states if Jetstar does not meet its conditions of carriage they are liable. So I contacted NSW Fair Trading. They took the case to Jetstar and gave them 5 business days to reply and amend. They did not. Today is a week to flight and I have been informed by Fair Trading I can take it to tribunal. I don't want an upgrade or refund, in fact I'll be adding to the ticket with additional baggage. All I want is what is promised in their own Conditions of Carriage. Today I called again and demanded to have an Australian based customer agent call me or I would proceed to tribunal or a class action.



Oh. Rang yesterday to tell

Oh. Rang yesterday to tell them I was pursuing them to through tribunal unless an AUSTRALIAN head office person could call me before the 3rd. Then they sent me two more tax invoices in my email and a survey form. You can bet they didn't get anything above 0.

Exactly. I want a

Exactly. I want a downloadable itinerary to show the desk staff in Manila that I have an onward ticket. All I got is a useless tax invoice, I phoned up and was told to take a screenshot and print it out. All the other airlines including budget airlines send out a PDF attachment, but not Jetstar! I will avoid them in the future.