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I was booked on a flight from Hong Kong to Osaka tomorrow (21/9/2018) arriving at Osaka at 2 a.m. Due to the typhoon, no taxis are allowed to go to the airport and at that hour of the night there are no trains and no buses. Essentially you can't get out of the airport until transport starts around 5:30. Didn't really want to stay in the airport all night so wanted to cancel the flight. No surprises that they won't refund the ticket, but they don't even refund the taxes and other charges including for a meal that won't get eaten! I'm going to try to put in an insurance claim. The customer service number actually didn't take long to get through to and the person I spoke to was helpful and just doing her job. Through this whole Kansai airport dilemma every other airline has been offering automatic refunds right up to October 10. What a disgrace Jetstar are and never again!!

Hong Kong-Hong Kong
Japan-Osaka (Kansai International)


hello. i was on the same

hello. i was on the same flight and i trie to have the document for my boss because i started work one day after and the company didn't send me the document so i'm in bad situation with my boss. do you received a document from jetstar about the cancellation ? thank you

In the end, they actually

In the end, they actually refunded my money in the form of a voucher, so can't complain too much I suppose.

did they send you an email or

did they send you an email or something like that ?

Yes, they emailed me the

Yes, they emailed me the voucher number and I've used it successfully.