Jet Star: Crimes Against Humanity: Part 2.

Flying jetstar is like visiting a prostitute…

After several requests to post an update to my first post (see here:, I finally wrote a follow-up to Part 1.

What happened after the other story finished?

I sent several letters and made several phone calls.

After finally getting through they told me they need notarized copies of the receipts. So, in other words, for every receipt and for every purchase I made I need to get them signed by that particular staff member who handed it to me.

I made several copies of the receipts and sent jetstar the originals. But they say they need to an original signed, which means they need to find them, send them back. Of course this shit-blizzard correspondence is to be paid out of my pocket - the pocket they have had their greasy semen-encrusted hands in ever since. It would seem they are trying every method to make sure I eventually tire in my efforts to get my money back. They provide an avenue and entice me down it, then block it off and send me down another, only to be blocked again.

Here is their recommended course of action:
Take all the originals of the receipts I received to Brisbane (should I fly jetstar…?)
Visit each place that I spent money at and find the exact staff member who gave me the receipt.
Get said staff members to sign the receipt
Send all the notarized receipts back to the head jetstar office.

Well, what can you say to a plan like that?

They neglected to mention the additional steps in their plan, so I added them below in my own words:
Return home and tell yourself that a response will come anytime soon because I have done what they asked. This, surely, must be right.
After a suitable amount of time has passed call jetstar and demand an answer in a very loud and pissed off tone of voice.
When this doesn’t work…

So now the only option they have given me is one that is impossible to complete and who’s only purpose is to prolong this issue with no intention of resolution or even acknowledgement.
Far from simply sweeping it under a rug (a rug you would have to buy…), they impotently sweep the dirt around the room; giving the impression of clearing up the mess but never actually doing anything to achieve such ends.

I won’t bother copying the letters I’ve sent as you have read them 100 times before in 100 other posts from 100 different unsatisfied jetstar victims.

The only fitting analogy I can think of for jetstar is an affordable and attractive prostitute who is rife with STD`s. Taken at face value it seems like a good deal – it looks OK enough, the price allows for a saving and even if it’s not fancy it can satisfy your needs. But despite the seemingly sane budget conscious choice, your urethra soon becomes ravaged by an incurable and debilitating case of gonorrhea. At least there is a cure for gonorrhea, unlike the sickness brought on by acute jetsar illness for which not even the most potent antibiotics can cure.
In both of the above scenarios you could be excused in saying that each customer gets what they deserve. In any case, you’re paying someone to fuck you.


"" Flying jetstar is like

"" Flying jetstar is like visiting a prostitute… ""
How can that be? I think your confused you are the one that gets "routed"