Jet Star lost my bag and doesn't care

My energy is so drained from trying to locate my bag that this story will be short and to the point.

I flew one flight direct from Melbourne to didn't show up. I filed a claim in the Bangkok airport and they gave me a piece of paper with a number that was disconnected on it. It has been 9 days, still no bag, having trouble getting a hold of anyone other than a Hallmark (international tracing agency) tracking company that says they have no info on my bag because they are still tracing it (the call center is obviously in India and they suck). There is no tracing going on because all of Jet Stars bags are manually handeled, there is no scanning that goes on so now it's down to just hoping it shows up lost somewhere and that someone looks at the tag.
The worst part of this whole situation is I can't ever reach anyone and they don't call or email me with updates like they said they would. This is a crappy airlines to fly with poor customer service. I will NEVER use their airlines again, spend your money elsewhere.

Fuck off jet star. That helped a little saying that.

Australia-Melbourne - Avalon


Yep Sarah that sucks. I

Yep Sarah that sucks. I recently did a return trip with Jetstar from Phuket to Singapore, Singapore to Melbourne and Melbourne to Sydney. I was amazed that my bags showed up in Melbourne, then Sydney.

My best guess is that some dirty little Jetstar man has rifled through your bag and is sniffing your dirty knickers with one hand firmly planted down his trousers.

Hope you get your bag minus yer undies.

John Holmes you are

John Holmes you are absolutely fucked in the head. Consider going to the luny bin or a mental health class for the sake of the rest of us listening to you disgusting, offensive material.
Sarah look on the website and find their customer service number. Call it, follow the prompts and then explain to them the situation. 9 days is a long time to wait for you, however dont forget Melbourne to Bankok is a massive distance and during this peak season Jetstar have a lot of priorities to tend to such as the current flights, bookings, customers. My advice get onto Jetstar with that number get some information and be patient.

Macca, so ruuuuuuuuude. As

Macca, so ruuuuuuuuude. As disgusting as it sounds, it would not surprise me if those dirty little Jetstar baggage handlers are handling more than our luggage.

Very big of you to provide some sound advice for a change rather than using profanity. Very good customer service Macca, but you strike me as the kind of guy that breathes heavily over the phone. Creepy.

John Holmes, spot on again.

John Holmes, spot on again. Hopefully your bag will show up. Let`s hope the undies aren`t there, you don`t want to get an STD from one of the jetstar baggage handlers / chronic masturbators.

The baggage handlers are

The baggage handlers are sub-contractors from the airport. Jetstar do not have their own handlers so that is why you get referred to Hallmark, who are responsible.

...either way, the customer's

...either way, the customer's luggage has not showed up. Is there a case that Jetstar (once luggage is passed in to their care) are responsible for those bags? If they don't show up is there not a way of taking legal action?